Established in Bristol and now advising companies all around the world, international law firm Osborne Clarke has always looked to the future.

Anticipating business, consumer and cultural trends is not just a defensive strategy – it opens up a world of opportunities for client expansion, new markets, and the development of new products and services.

Because of our future focus, we were one of the first regional firms to open in London. We were also the first UK law firm to open an office in Silicon Valley, California. Our strength in the technology sector is well established, both in the UK and around the world. We work closely with clients to support them on the ground in the markets that are most important for them.

Bristol and the South West has one of the most exciting technology sectors in Europe. We continue to advise many of the region’s most innovative and successful companies, including on mergers with other companies here and abroad. We also advise local companies on strategic investments from global players to fund expansion.

A three dimensional client service
By focusing on our clients, our people, our local communities and our own business, Osborne Clarke believes that making life better for these first three groups will, in turn, allow our business to flourish.

We have developed a three dimensional approach that combines the two dimensions that have been successful for many years, with a third dimension: Transformation.

Our client service now has three interlinked aspects:
– excellent legal services and undoubted legal expertise; overlaid with
– in-depth knowledge of their sectors; and
– Transformation, through the lens of three macroeconomic trends that we believe will have the biggest impact on our clients over the next five years: Digitalisation, Decarbonisation, including the transition to a net zero future and the ever-evolving Urban Dynamics of how we live, work and travel.

Accelerating change
During the covid-19 crisis, most people’s lives in most countries of the world have been irrevocably changed. For the majority of people, life hasn’t been better. But the pandemic has accelerated long forecast changes in the world of work and the world of living.

Osborne Clarke has advised on digital transformation for many years. This experience meant we seamlessly transitioned all our people to working from home when the pandemic hit. At the same time, we supported our clients in managing the risks and opportunities they faced during this revolution in working.

We are experts in understanding the challenges and opportunities presented by urban dynamics. Central to this is the development of ‘smart cities’. Smart cities require the interoperability of technology and standards, net zero energy, new finance models and interdependent city-wide assets built on a platform of connectivity and open data.

Pursuing net zero and fighting climate change
With climate change posing a significant challenge to our planet, our personal lives and our businesses, international bodies and governments across the globe are setting net zero emissions goals. This puts the onus on all organisations and individuals to make significant changes.

Our decarbonisation team can advise you on how to deal with the legal implications of changes in corporate decarbonisation strategies and business models, carbon reporting obligations, and how best to engage with new regulatory frameworks.

Innovation in mobility blends Digitalisation, Urban Dynamics and Decarbonisation. It’s a topic we have advised on for almost 200 years. From the Great Western Railway in the 19th century to autonomous vehicles in the 21st century, transport innovation is not new to us.

Building back better
We believe that innovation in decarbonisation starts at home, so we are investing in our spiritual home in Bristol. In 2022, our employees and facilities will move to the Halo building in Finzels Reach. This environmentally outstanding building will set a high benchmark for the region and the UK and it will be a showcase for what can be achieved in a smart green building.

Osborne Clarke Solutions
We don’t just advise on technology, we also invest in our own bespoke platforms and innovative solutions for clients.

Osborne Clarke Solutions is our client-side legal technology arm. Our team is comprised of lawyers, developers, designers and project managers who listen, advise and build practical solutions to real problems. Our custom-made client tools are practical, helpful, easy-to-use and deliver real world value.

Osborne Clarke Solutions is recognised as a provider of choice for pioneering legal services technology and innovation that transforms the delivery of legal services.

To find out how we can help to transform your business, please contact:

Peter Clough
Head of the Bristol Office, Osborne Clarke
T +44 117 917 4060
[email protected]


Dan Wright
Head of Osborne Clarke Solutions
T +44 330 313 4100
[email protected]


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