Orchid Black is a growth services firm that partners with tech-forward companies to discover new paths to growth. Our team is made up of skilled problem solvers, operators, and entrepreneurs. We get it. So much so, that we bet on our partner-clients’ success in a performance-focused incentive model that makes our wins their wins.

Orchid Black’s sweet spot is powering-up founder-led, growth-stage companies on the path towards exit, accelerating growth and maximizing exit value on the way. You could say we’ve cracked the code on value creation.



Orchid Black grew from the soil of entrepreneurship. Our founding partners had been in the business of building technology companies for decades, wearing many different hats, ranging from operator, to founder, to investor, among others.

Over the years, we saw a world of truly innovative products, built by brilliant founders, that needed help to get to the next level. After all, it’s not easy to take a company from product-solution fit to a successful eight or nine-figure exit.

As this new opportunity presented itself, our founders set about answering the question: How do we grow from two people helping a couple of companies at a time, to a scalable business capable of working with dozens of hand-selected partner-clients on their growth journey? Using our experience, we created a new model that combined three core components:

1. People: A phenomenal team of Operators and industry experts with a history of business-building success, who have founded, scaled and exited companies evidenced by $35 billion combined value creation.

2. Process: Our data-driven growth process that sets a solid foundation for all client engagements.

3. Business Model: We place a portion of our fees at risk in a performance model to align our incentives with our partner-clients’ long-term success.

As we grew, we refreshed our brand and renamed the company to more accurately reflect the unique organization we had become. Orchid Black. In the lush jungle of opportunity, we hunt for that rare breed of partner—a promising business with a unique offering. As with any prized exotic orchid, an exceptional company’s true value emerges from expert pruning and care. When properly nurtured, orchids thrive, which is an apt metaphor for the deliberation and care we use to tend and guide our clients.

We live by the phrase, “Grow Smart, Grow Fast.” We know that opportunities emerge in uncertain and tumultuous times. And the times we live in right now are certainly among the most tumultuous!

The most impactful companies were born out of crises. Orchid Black is not buckling in and riding out the storm. Quite the opposite. We are doubling down our efforts to search and find partner-clients with the highest potential, and we work to put a roadmap in place to help them achieve their loftiest goals.

The toughest organizational problems to solve require significant preparation, foundational market understanding, and an organization wide commitment to finding a solution. Those are the types of challenges that excite us—and where we thrive.


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