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Rent A Grandkid For Tech Education At Home.

We promote learning by providing clear instructions and alternative solutions for customers to choose. Our curriculum matches with the individual to make sure they are absorbing information at the right level for their understanding. When our techies do have to fix something, they make sure the customer can replicate the process when we are not there.

What we have found as a result of our business model is that once customers use us, they love to use us a lot. Our favorite things to hear are how much they click with our techies and how much they learn from our service. We continuously disprove the old myth that different generations cannot work together and that seniors cannot learn new tricks.

Where We Are

Since our inception in 2018, Orchard has satisfied over 200 customers and their families. Last year let us perfect our operations and we are ready to harvest. Expansion will take us into the surrounding cities of Ocala, Tampa, Jacksonville, and the like this year. This will test our ability to remotely train and organize techies without sacrificing quality, and succeeding at this will legitimize our ability to reach the whole region or even country at large.

We are honored to receive angel investment from an ex-Microsoft technical fellow and have won first place in the 2019 Gainesville Start-up Showcase. Our team of 3 executives and 8 interns are working hard for our first official round of fundraising. Even in our bootstrapping phase, the business has been featured in local media publications such as The Gainesville Sun and University of Florida news. The momentum of the company is as strong as ever and we are eager to grow into a mature Orchard.

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