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It was in 1988 that Orange Traffic entered into the traffic industry; lane control signs, blank-out signs, traffic light cabinets, among others. The philosophy has always been to dedicate time, energy and investment to promote R&D development and make innovation a priority. After 30 years of experience, it’s more than true; at Orange Traffic, we innovate. Always attentive to the needs of our customers, we know how to offer unique and innovative solutions to optimize fluidity and safety on roads.

Variable Speed Limit LED Blank Out Signs increase fluidity and security in school zones

To prioritize public transportation when needed, Orange Traffic’s LED Blank Out Signs are installed everywhere in Quebec City and can be controlled remotely

Innovation Made in Canada
Almost 25 years ago, Orange Traffic invented the pedestrian countdown that we see on the street today! A break-through innovation that increases the safety of pedestrians around the world. Proudly made in Canada, it is in our office in Mirabel that we develop and manufacture countless traffic solutions with the highest quality standards in the industry. Working with our clients, we develop for them and with them, turn-key solutions specifically made for their unique projects.

A Family Affair
Although innovating is a priority for us, the source of our success is our human capital. Orange Traffic is a team, it’s a family. Our solidarity contributes to the success of the company and its growth. The spirit of innovation of our team is the manifestation of our constant desire for success and excellence.

Orange Traffic Innovates in Montreal
Montreal is known for being a vibrant city and the illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge even added to this reality. The idea of the project was to illuminate the bridge to make it interactive with what is happening throughout the city in all its aspects; illuminated through by real-time social media activity and big urban data. Moment Factory thought about Orange Traffic to get a pulse of the traffic on the bridge to change the flow of the illumination. The data was collected with Peek’s ADR Counters and Wavetronix radars.

Orange Traffic’s LED Lane Control Signs control lanes in real time on the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal

Orange Traffic’s team in front of our offices in Mirabel, QC

Presently, we are working with KPH during the huge construction of the new Turcot Interchange. With both our radars and Bluetooth systems, performance reports are made daily for the MTQ to show statistics about the traffic flow by classifying and counting vehicles and detect their speed. This solution helps engineers find the best detours for all drivers during the construction of the new and optimal configuration. An important upcoming project is the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Tunnel using both our Citilog AID (Automatic Incident Detection) System to implement real-time incident detection systems in the LHL Tunnel. This solution will automatically notify the control center when an unfamiliar situation is detected for them to send the appropriate help onsite. The automation of this system saves a lot of time and money to the city and road users by optimizing fluidity at all times.

For more information about our innovative solutions, you can visit our website or call our team that will gladly work with you to develop traffic projects increasing fluidity and security in your area.

Orange Traffic

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