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Oracle for Startups facilitates mutually beneficial partnerships by connecting enterprise companies with innovative startup technology built on secure, scalable Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Global Communications Amy Sorrells leads a panel of female founders and VC experts at Startup Grind Europe.

A dozen startup founders, including several from Bristol, disembark a private bus on a San Francisco street and enter a luxe home with walls adorned with masterpieces fit for the Louvre. They network, enjoying light refreshments and a view of the glittering Bay. As the sun dips behind the Golden Gate Bridge, they take a seat inside. Oracle CTO and Chairman Larry Ellison is home and ready to answer some questions. This is the Founder to Founder event, one of the cooler benefits delivered by Oracle for Startups to a handpicked group of global startups.

From his own living room, Ellison shares candid advice from his decades in a changing business landscape. “I think it’s our job, as designers of our company, and imaginers of our company, to redesign the company constantly, based on what is technologically possible today that was not technologically possible yesterday,” He re-iterates, “You must be willing to make a decision on Monday and then change your mind on Thursday.”

Oracle for Startups VP Jason Williamson addresses an audience of startup founders in South Carolina, USA.

Oracle for Startups is built around this dedication to bringing startup innovation to large companies. Working with Oracle, startups don’t need to launch in Silicon Valley to be successful. New companies in emerging hotspots like Bristol can leverage Oracle’s global reach to bring transformational technology to the enterprise market. In return, enterprise businesses discover vetted and integrated vendors leveraging the latest technology in AI, blockchain, digital assistants and more. The result is a collective “leveling up” in both innovation and revenue.

According to Dr. Zara Nanu, co-founder of Bristol startup Gapsquare, “Oracle’s startup program is helping us grow both our product and our business. Running on Oracle Cloud is a big win for us, as we need scale and power with the highest levels of data security. And the global exposure, like OpenWorld in San Francisco and OpenWorld London, has provided incredible business growth opportunities.”

Oracle for Startups works with hundreds of startups across 6 continents, defining our success by the achievements of the companies in the program. Startups have secured spots on Gartner’s “Cool Vendors” list, deployed at scale to global customers, saved money on the cloud to reinvest into their businesses, and accelerated their time to market with cloud resources, exposure, and mentorship provided by Oracle for Startups.

We partner with institutions like Startup Grind and 500 Startups to participate in startup-focused thought leadership meetups around the world, and invite qualifying startups to attend global events like OpenWorld in San Francisco, Dubai, London, São Paulo and Singapore, sweetening the deal by filling their schedules with customer meetings, media interviews, analyst briefings, and exclusive events like Founder to Founder.

Startups who build and integrate on Oracle Cloud get secure cloud infrastructure, mentorship, and opportunities to engage with enterprise customers. Customers safely tap into the fast-paced startup world to solve their business challenges, passing efficiency down to their customers. As the facilitator of these relationships, Oracle for Startups is proud to be creating a virtuous cycle of innovation.

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