We aspire to improve experiences and outcomes for everyone we serve while reducing the total cost of care




As a health services innovation company, Optum is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and helping make the health system work better for everyone. Our team of over 190,000 professionals deliver simple, effective and comprehensive solutions to organizations and consumers across the whole health system.


Transforming health care together
Optum serves many constituents of the health system—government agencies, care providers, health plans, life sciences organizations, employers and consumers. These long-standing relationships provide a unique perspective, helping us to forge connections, recommend best practices, and increase efficiency in a way that is hard to match.

“Connect and serve” is the operating philosophy. The Optum approach starts with a deep understanding of customers’, members’, and patients’ needs, and putting them at the center of everything we do. We then connect our competencies of data and analytics, clinical expertise, embedded technology, and consumer experience, setting up partnerships to bring simplicity and effectiveness to the system while also making health care more compassionate and human.


  • At the company’s core is data and analytics, including the deepest proprietary datasets in health care that drive insights for a more complete view of the health system—helping those the company serves to make better health decisions.
  • Clinical expertise enables Optum to create a holistic view of an individual’s health, ensuring that the patient is getting the most accurate health care advice.
  • Through a growing footprint in local health care delivery and pharmacy care services, embedded technology in hospitals and health systems drives more connectivity, giving patients and doctors the tools to help manage health and its costs.
  • Consumer experience is structured around meeting the needs of each member at an individual level, by giving them guidance and support throughout their entire health journey.


Improving performance with health care intelligence and technology

Data-driven insights are changing health care. While the universe of data in health care is incredibly complex, Optum is fluent in all types of data and knows how to extract value from the data and guide the next best step. For example, we apply advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence (AI), to streamline administrative tasks, personalize care and create a better overall experience for patients.

To uncover insights and drive action, industry organizations turn to Optum’s research, consulting, technology and managed services solutions which include OptumIQTM—the unique combination of curated data, leading analytics and applied health care expertise infused into all Optum products and services. This health intelligence supports smarter technologies and services that help our clients across all sectors of healthcare solve their unique challenges to achieve the Triple Aim and make meaningful differences in people’s lives.


Helping people live their healthiest lives
Optum team members are fully committed to making the whole experience of health care more compassionate and human for everyone. Collaborating with visionary, motivated individuals and organizations, together we can tackle the biggest challenges in health care and accomplish results that move health care forward.

“Optum leaders are working across the health industry and with tech innovators to approach health care with practical AI and emerging technology applications that augment human skill and solve real industry problems.”

—Kerrie Holley, Senior Vice President and Optum Technology Fellow


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