> ÔPLANT Urban Farms-Allows the commercial growing of fresh and nutritious greens year-round


Ôplant Urban Farms is a Montreal-based tech company that develops and operates a unique vertical indoor farm located in the heart of the city. Our farm currently produces over 20 types of colorful and tasty microgreens for the local foodservice industry.


Our farm allows the commercial growing of fresh and nutritious greens year-round without the use of pesticides. Through the use of LED lighting, our multilayers’ growing system replicates the performance of a 1000 square foot greenhouse over a 75 square foot area.

The water used for irrigation of these plants is filtered and circulates continuously in the system, enabling us to reduce water and fertilizer consumptions compared to conventional outdoor agriculture. A network of computer-controlled sensors and command modules allows us to regulate automatically all the environmental parameters affecting plant growth and development -air temperature and humidity, daylight time, pH and nutrient concentration of irrigation water, etc.

This innovative method of food production enables us to meet the highest standards of the industry in terms of food safety and environmental responsibility.

Guillaume Salvas
Founder and CEO

To offer an original selection of high-quality microgreens that are produced locally using an environmentally-friendly growth method.

Beyond our mission, we strive above all else to work for the common good. Thus, we strive every day that our actions have a positive impact on the environment and our community.

We firmly believe that it is the team that makes the success of a company. That is why we encourage the active participation of our employees in the decision-making process.

We are passionate about what we do; it’s more than a job, it’s a pride.


Just like what a sprout is for a plant, our urban farm is only the first step toward our long-term business goal.
Our vision is to democratize domestic agriculture in urban areas To achieve this, we aspire to build a network of vertical indoor farms operated by socially responsible entrepreneurs willing to contribute to the food independence of urban communities here and across the world.

A graduate of McGill University in Agro Economy, Guillaume had been in the agricultural sector for six years when he started social entrepreneurship in September 2015. By founding Urban Farms Ôplant, he wants to put his expertise in agbusiness management serving the food empowerment of urban communities.


12762 Industrial Boulevard
Montreal, H1A 3V2

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