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Here at Open Systems Healthcare (OSH), we’re a passionate group of home care professionals who focus on finding the right home care services for your exact needs.

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, OSH provides in-home personal care, skilled nursing, and behavioral services to adults, seniors, and children. Key to our success is our ability to bridge the gap between small locally, run companies and monolithic corporations by implementing a consumer-centric business model. Organically growing since our inception, OSH currently employs over 1,400 home health aides, nurses, and home care professionals across our 15 offices in 4 states and the District of Columbia.

The business model for OSH is a consumer-centric one in which we apply the home health approach to a non-medical business. In practice, this resulted in a business built on compliance. Before the last 5 years, big players in the industry were not beholden to specific rules and regulations regarding non-medical care, with an institutional lack of corrective action. With the rise of regulations and licensing, established companies were forced to halt sales to implement the compliance side of the business, slowing their growth significantly. Conversely, our approach allowed for exponential growth in that compliance was the front-runner and sales followed. Our commitment to this approach resulted in the establishment of a brand and reputation of progressive professionalism to our consumers, caregivers, and payor sources.

This notion of progressive professionalism has shaped the organizational infrastructure of OSH. Unlike many sales organizations, HR is a function of sales, and therefore a real partner for our sales team. The common adversarial relationship between HR and sales has been torn down in favor of a model that allows the blending of traditional organizational silos by emphasizing constant collaboration and communication. This has allowed OSH to foster an employee base familiar with all aspects of the business, creating a bench of genuinely promotable talent across departments and branches.

This internal talent pool demands an organization not only adaptable, but one committed to the same proactive improvement we expect of them. As a result, OSH leadership has dedicated its focus to an infusion of technology to enhance both our customer service and staffing as well as the overall employee experience at OSH. In the last year alone, OSH has introduced new platforms to assist with recruiting, advertising, staffing, personnel management, promotions, and day-to-to day operations of the business. The integration of these systems has resulted in a fundamental switch from a small startup mentality to one of a large data-driven organization of strategic and innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs.

As we continue to innovate and evolve as a company, we remain dedicated to our roots and our mission to enable you to do the things you love, the way you’ve always done them. It’s your story; let us help you tell it. Let us help you live it.

Open Systems Healthcare

818 Market St, Suite 1105
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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