Onward Play is a nationwide game staffing agency specializing in freelance and direct hire. Onward Play’s niche is linking up creative, technical and production talent with incredible game, XR, and esports studios.

Onward Play recruits talent for segments like PC, Console, Mobile, VR, AR, XR, esports, toys, casino and tabletop. The benefit to working with Onward Play is we are well connected within the gaming industry. We’re aware of the gaming talent that is looking for work before they hit the market or even start applying. When you work with us, you are tapping into our database of highly qualified AAA gaming professionals, industry veterans, disrupters, and the next generation of game makers.

Onward Play is an innovator in the game staffing space because we invest heavily in diversity sourcing techniques. We have relationships with various gaming associations, nonprofits, and conferences such as Women in Games, ESTA, GAMA, IGDA, Esports Business Network, and more. We can tap into their networks to identify passive talent or pockets of D&I game professional communities. We also have back-channeled marketing and social strategies focused on diverse job boards, HBCU’s, social media platforms, clubs, and networking groups. Due to our focus and relationships, we can assist game studios with hiring the top game makers they need to ensure their IPs are on time, on budget, well maintained, and successful. We also have the ability to find direct-hire, project-based, or freelance talent to staff any gaming needs that our studio clients have.


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