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When Gérard Mulliez, founder of the Auchan group, started Oney’s legacy more than 35 years ago, his 1983 statement “We will do banking differently” was just the beginning of this story.

Reinventing the world only happens through the courage of companies and of people who do everything to make it happen. For Oney, financing and payment solutions gives everyone the power to improve their daily lives and to consume better, to achieve a more human and sustainable world.

So, every day, jointly with more than 2,600 employees in 12 countries and more than 600 business partners, we feel committed to being part of this change, always guided towards our values of freedom, respect, and enthusiasm.

In Portugal for over 25 years, we are dedicated to payments, credit, and insurance solutions to help people in their daily lives. By giving them access to the things they want or need, by enabling them to do their projects, through our partnering with key players of circular economy, Oney does its part in the development of a fairer society.

How is this possible? Through innovative solutions and services such as the online personal loan with split payments and immediate response in the e-commerce of our partners. Or through intelligent management of resources. ‘YOU’ is a fully digital onboarding program that gathers all the information a new employee needs to feel welcomed and integrated at Oney.

Customer experience has always been one of our biggest investment. Starting with a responsive website with simulation and credit adherence and account management features; an APP for user account management with the functionality of access through biometric data; several digital kiosks in partner stores for joining and managing payment methods; 100% dematerialization of all processes in the physical stores of our partners; and onboarding digital subscription of Warranty Extension for game consoles, through QR Code.

This is all so real and important for us that in 2020 the Oney Customer Satisfaction Survey in Portugal got the highest score ever, in recognition of our dedication to customers. That same year, because “it is also essential for our activity to assure that Oney’s digital platforms ensure the flexibility and scalability necessary to accompany business growth and future challenges in terms of customer journeys”, Oney Bank Portugal website was awarded* at the Sitecore Experience Awards (SEA) in the “Best Innovation with Emerging Technologies” category.

Our mission
Along with the mission of improving people’s daily lives, we support the transformation of commerce into a more digital and sustainable business, with over 600 trading partners in Europe and more than 25 partner brands in Portugal. Altogether, we are transforming ourselves for quality consumption to a better life tomorrow.

In line with the 2015 Paris Agreement, we are fully committed to reducing our carbon emissions, preserving resources, giving priority to responsible sources of supply, and encouraging mutualization and sharing as sources of savings. Our plan includes and amplifies partners that promote and practice circular economy.

At Oney, we also make every effort to ensure that the experience of our employees allows them to develop their know-how and their interpersonal skills, according to their own trajectory. Above all, it is important to find meaning in their actions and the quality of life necessary, to express their talent when helping customers.

Gender equity is something we take very seriously. Since our DNA is also based in equality, this is reflected in the appreciation of merit and equal opportunities. We are proud of our female representation in the roles of Managers (64% women and 36% men) and Directors (44% women and 56% men).

Our future
More than being a modern bank that uses its three-decade expertise and know-how to manage money differently, through innovation and digital transformation, we aspire to become a bank that is more human and closer to the real needs of our customers.

Oney is embracing a brand positioning adapted to the new times, with a positive state of mind and aligned with a modern communication look & feel. But, above all, our future is inspired by our enthusiasm and passion to give our customers the freedom to live in peace while having full power of choice. Come and join us.

* This award is the sole responsibility of the entity that awarded it.

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