Changing The Face Of Education Across South Africa

The demands & expectations of education have completely evolved over the last decade. Students of the new generation learn differently, and teachers need to find creative ways to retain attention, engage the student and maximize teaching & learning.

I believe that Technology is best when it solves problems in a meaningful way. This philosophy led to the establishment of Omnia Solutions with the aim of changing the face of education across SA, by empowering education providers with 21st century teaching & learning methods that are underpinned by technology, classroom design and innovation.

We have a contemporary perspective to the way education is perceived and should be received. Some of our popular technology solutions include Virtual & Augmented Reality App development, Telepresence robots, eLearning solutions, interactive projectors, smartboards, STEAM related products including Robotics, IOT kits, 3D Printing, Laser cutters & Drone technology, affordable student devices, M365 & Cloud Solutions.

In addition to technology, we offer turnkey classroom design solutions that transforms the traditional classroom into a positive environment that stimulates learning, and fosters creativity & collaboration in a colourful and engaging space. Although it is often overlooked, the physical design of the learning environment is just as important as the technology you use in it.

One of our latest projects in the Education Innovation space is the revolutionary iTeach Lab, which is a first of its kind in the South African Education landscape. The iTeach Lab combines elements of STEAM in a modern, collaborative, technology driven environment that aims to empower and prepare future teachers with 21st century teaching and learning techniques.

Omnia Solutions believes that initiating change in South African education begins at the heart of education – the teacher, and that is what this lab is all about.

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Fiona Anirudh

I was encouraged from an early age to reach for the stars and chase your dreams with all your heart. I have always been very driven and was promoted to management very early on in my career where I was offered the opportunity to travel internationally, work on strategic global projects and lead a team. Corporate life was great, but I was ready for a new challenge that allowed me to combine my flair for technology innovation with my passion for education transformation, with no limitations on creativity, and the freedom to design your own destiny. So in 2018, with a huge leap of faith, passion and determination, I embarked on my ‘Technopreneurial’ journey and established Omnia Solutions, which did an incredible seven (7) figure revenue within its first year of operation. There is nothing more satisfying than watching your business grow, and
contribute to economic development”.

I hold female empowerment close to my heart and I am committed to promoting the entry of women in technology. I believe that to innovate, means to break the status quo and defy all odds. “It is always such an achievement when despite the economic & technology limitations, South African entrepreneurs and businesses decide to innovate and defy the odds, and this book is a great testimony to that. Companies that want to
succeed in today’s competitive economy must understand how to merge technology & innovation with strategy. You either innovate, or you stagnate.”


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