Transforming the care and connection experience with its web-enabled, audiovisual, medication-dispensing remote care system for the home




Care. From anywhere. Aging in place and managing chronic health conditions can be complicated – especially for people taking multiple medications. Today, millions of older Americans depend on home health aides or family caregivers to help manage their medications. But even with this personal support and access to assistive tools like electronic pillboxes, apps, or calendars, only half of patients follow their medication plans correctly and consistently, according to the American Pharmacists Association.


Failure to manage medications is the single biggest reason people cannot remain in their homes as they age, which can ultimately impact their financial well-being and quality of life. Currently, the only way to confirm exact medication adherence is to hand-deliver medication and watch a person consume it. But the cost of doing so can exceed $150 per day. Omcare is on a mission to change this dynamic.

Enter the Omcare Home Health HubTM, a web-enabled platform that dispenses medication and provides two-way, audiovisual confirmation of medication adherence while facilitating social interaction and remote care. Utilization of this type of remote monitoring, wearables, and interactive audio-visual technology is increasing due to the rapidly aging population; a shortage of family and professional caregivers; continued increase in health care costs; consumer preference for in-home care and aging in place; changing reimbursement for home care services; and advancements in remote monitoring and wearable technology.

Lisa Lavin – Founder, Chairman & CEO

What we do
Omcare is a digital health company breaking new ground with its technology platform called the Omcare Home Health Hub. Omcare’s patented audio-visual technology extends the reach of caregivers and creates a central point of communication to gather and share information across care teams with the shared goal of improving medication adherence and overall health and well-being.

Non adherence with medication plans is most often a result of forgetfulness and difficulty managing the consumption of numerous medications. This often results in illness, hospitalization and potentially lost independence.


To address this, Omcare partners with pharmacies to deliver and securely dispense medication in  multidose pouch packaging, which can reduce errors in medication consumption and maximize treatment plan adherence. The end goal is to improve patient outcomes and lower health care costs, while advancing industry standards for medication adherence.

The Omcare Home Health Hub provides a foundation for connecting a growing portfolio of tech enabled devices and services that will support a community of family and professional caregivers who can work together to increase independence and vitality for older adults and people with chronic conditions.

At Omcare, we believe the right balance of high-touch, high-tech care can help people retain their independence and positively impact health care spending for individuals, families, and the broader health care industry


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