Over half of blindness in the UK is completely preventable with an early diagnosis and treatment. Keeping people seeing well is a huge part of keeping people living well, from children in education through to older society keeping their driving licences and their independence.

At OKKO Health, we passionately believe everyone deserves access to great eye care and are working hard to put hospital-grade eye health monitoring into the hands of patients themselves. Self-monitoring means less visits to hospital and catching any problems early. We’re watching how our early technology is taking people who live with eye disease from a sense of confusion to a sense of control and connectedness, reassuring them and enabling them to confidently move ahead with their lives.

"What I enjoy most about working with OKKO Health is the hands-on collaboration with the individuals in our co-design team, we simply love what we do every day. It doesn’t feel like work!

- Jay Lockwood, Designer

Our founders are dedicated eye professionals who knew something needed to be done about the long hospital waiting lists and for the patients who often suffered due to delayed treatments. They creatively discovered that blending video games technology with vision science offered the possibility of remote diagnostics and expert care from a smartphone. Not only this, but the data science is unlocking eye health secrets that we have never seen before, and we’re working hard with hospitals and researchers to bring these discoveries to patients and doctors

COVID-19 was a challenging period but the team worked relentlessly to build collaborations with the doctors who reached out to OKKO from across the UK and Europe. What was built in the bedrooms and the coffee shops of Cardiff and Bristol is rapidly scaling into a device-agnostic technology that could protect the sight of millions locally and across the world.

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