OJO Labs

Empower People To Make Better Decisions Through The Fusion Of Machine And Human Intelligence




OJO Labs’ mission is to empower people to make better decisions through the fusion of machine and human intelligence. We’ve operationalized a patented AI technology with rich web applications that conduct text conversations with consumers at scale, serving as a powerful digital assistant within the real estate industry.

OJO’s leading-edge platform has the potential to completely transform consumer experiences from early searching to a home purchase and post-purchase services. Co-founders, John Berkowitz, and David Rubin, realized early on that there was a major problem with the consumer model in its entirety, with people giving up vast amounts of information to large companies and receiving little value in return. It was evident that seeking to first solve this problem within real estate, the largest consumer industry globally, would be challenging, but ultimately lead to creating better experiences for consumers and professionals that serve them.

With our unique and innovative AI digital assistant, OJO, we’re revolutionizing the way people search for, purchase or sell a home. Unlike other “assistants,” OJO is a conversational machine — backed by human intelligence — that learns about its users to understand what they are really after, then proactively serves up insightful, accurate recommendations, all via text and a personalized web interface. OJO specifically chose to design its product to operate over text and the web instead of creating another mobile application because, regardless of demographic parameters, everyone texts. This approach to communicating with OJO’s users in the most natural way is essential for creating seamless and enjoyable consumer experiences.

The technology behind OJO works to adequately serve consumers by scanning and analyzing millions of listings, photos and other data sources within seconds to deliver the best information possible to the user. The ability to access this trove of information comes from acquiring the largest MLS data aggregator in the United States in October of 2018, and our powerful human-in-the-loop AI operations.

OJO is supported by an extensive network of industry experts who supplement the data when needed, continuously training the technology. To accomplish this feat, we’ve built proprietary tools and a 36,000 square foot real-time AI training center in St. Lucia to enable the capacity to tag, categorize and direct hundreds of thousands of messages and images, 24/7. This cutting-edge system trains the AI to provide the consumer with the best response in a natural and conversational tone. Our patented process and combination of machine learning and human interaction provides OJO with the necessary resources to track down information not readily available on other online property databases.

OJO’s approach to solving some of the world’s toughest problems is currently unrivaled by any other competitor in the industry. OJO has designed and executed a product, and user experience, that is fluid, intuitive and delivers consumers with meaningful information and insights hard to find anywhere else.

Since OJO’s official at scale commercial launch in September, 2018 with its integration into Realogy Holdings Corp’s key brokerages across several U.S. markets, and its partnership with The Royal Bank of Canada to bring the technology into the Toronto market, OJO has helped thousands of real estate agents connect with countless leads, resulting in positive, warm referrals and successful transactions. In this short time, OJO users have gone from thousands to hundreds of thousands in a matter of months.

OJO’s first-of-its-kind product would not be possible without its incredible team. Within the last three years, OJO Labs has gone from 17 employees with initial series A funding, to over 325 employees and counting, a total $70M in funding, and multiple enterprise deals and partnerships programs that are being rolled out to tens of thousands of consumers and real estate agents nationwide. OJO’s award-winning culture, which encourages individual thinking, idea sharing, and the constant drive to achieve the impossible, plays a significant role in the company’s success.

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