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There are impressive buildings that promote and redefine the place where they stand, even when embedded in their surroundings. World Trade Center Lisbon is one of them.

A place that promotes physical and emotional well-being with practical mobility and sustainability solutions with cutting-edge technologies designed for productivity and resource optimization, that undoubtedly demonstrates Foz Vintage’s vision of building emblematic and high-quality works.

A perfect articulation between indoor and outdoor areas, a unique luminosity and panoramic views and with extensive shared areas and office areas, which are flexible and adaptable to solutions that favour interactivity, and the sharing of experiences and ideas; WTC Lisbon is both inspiring and collaborative.

WTC is the first building in Portugal, and one of the few in the world, with both Leed and Well Gold certifications. The complex, which includes offices, retail, and services, was developed, not only to meet its users’ needs, but also the most recent work trends and concepts. It represents a new quality level that combines, in perfect harmony, the three aspects of modern premium real estate: wellness, flexibility, and digital technology.

In addition to corporate areas for work and business development located in a three tower building, there are other supporting infrastructures, such as a hotel, an auditorium, and the business development center WTC Business Club. All of this complemented by 10.000 square meters of outdoor areas for leisure, work, and sports, contributing to the physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being of users.

A privileged location
WTC Lisbon is downtown, where everything happens. One step away from Lisbon city center, a few minutes from the best beaches and in front of Monsanto Park, the largest green area in the region.

An international icon, in the context of the quality and modernity of offices and services, it is located in the Oeiras Valley where an excellent offer in commerce, services, culture, leisure, free time and nature is at hand.

A privileged place for those who are dedicated to business, appreciate culture, and that do not ignore all the other pleasures of life.

At the center of the business world
WTC Lisbon is part of The World Trade Center network, the largest business and investment platform in the world.

Composed of different public and private corporate groups, WTC’s mission is to stimulate business and investment opportunities. Consequently, the World Trade Center forms an international ecosystem that focuses on generating business for real estate investors, economic development agencies, and international companies that intend to connect globally, under the auspices of a prestigious brand.

Upon selecting WTC Lisbon, companies are granted the opportunity of joining the WTC Lisbon Business Club.

The WTC Lisbon Business Club, currently present in 322 cities throughout 90 countries, consists of a global network that provides and enables privileged business relationships between companies and organizations all over the world, offering solutions and management tools as well as investment opportunities and high-level business content.

The WTC Lisbon Business Club provides added value for companies that have or aspire to business expansion on a global scale.

The Future is here
Every day we say it and every day we make it possible. Because this is the way we see the world. A world focused on people, their vision, their ideas, and their dreams. We share with them the same vision about the future in an intelligent, dynamic, creative, and collaborative space.

A space promoting physical and emotional wellbeing, with practical solutions for mobility and sustainability. Using cutting-edge technologies that increase productivity and help save resources.

At the World Trade Center in Lisbon, a new tomorrow is born early in the day.

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