Oeiras International School

Where You Can Shape Your Trail “ois: Where You Don’t Follow Footsteps… You Choose Your Own Path And Leave A Trail Instead.”




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Oeiras International School opened in 2010 with an innovative approach to independent education in Oeiras. In the intervening decade theschool established its lf as the leader in student skills development and has quickly become the institution of choice for technologically minded, creative and socially aware families that prioritise finding the right balance between academic excellence and the interaction with nature. The driving force behind this remarkable achievement is the synergy between people, pedagogy, and place.


It’s often noted that OIS couldn’t exist anywhere else. Our unique setting in a pleasantly green and rural valley with a river flowing through it would be special enough but add to that the 16th century palace at the heart of the school, the chapel (a national monument) and our superb modern facilities and you have a unique space for a unique school. OIS students and teachers work together in our gardens to grow food for the local food bank, one of many initiatives by which we offer service to others. Younger children take care of the goats, ponies and donkeys who roam freely over the campus. We keep bees. Our community enjoys the great, green outdoors every day, and our students learn to take care of their environment in class but also in reality. OIS children climb trees, ride bikes and walk through woodlands during their lunch breaks, and all on our own campus. This beautiful, special place is also our power.

The OIS community is large and incredibly diverse. More than 40 nationalities are represented, spanning the globe and reflecting and celebrating a broad range of beliefs, cultures and traditions. We are tolerant, understanding and compassionate. We are a real international school. We value and respect others. Positive relationships weave between and join students, parents and teachers. We hold a common purpose and so the shared vision of our people is our power.


OIS follows the IB curriculum for all students from age five (5) upwards. OIS students are taught to be in control of their own learning. They develop the essential skills of time management, project leadership, collaboration and debate. We encourage risk-taking and build resilience through personal projects, research and presentations. Our students grow to understand that failure is often on the path to success, and that in working as a part of a team relationships are as important as individual brilliance. We keep a clear focus on cutting-edge digital design with a future-facing, progressive course to give students the tools and understanding they need to become early adopters, tech pioneers who seek opportunity and new applications, designing novel products and programs to address real-world issues. OIS students know the same facts, the same theories and the same histories as other high school students, but what gives them the edge is how they learned them. Our inquiring pedagogy is our superpower and enables individuals to select their own trail of inquiry to answer the questions they come across during their learning journey. This is the driving force in preparing young minds to help shape a more sustainable world.

The trails OIS offers, whether inside a classroom environment or outside in one of the many paths you can lose yourself in our campus, all lead to a common goal. We are committed to nurturing our students and are confident they will succeed in an ever-changing world regardless of the path chosen.

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