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The birth of Odisseias took place when Francisco Costa and Rui Piçarra, friends and volunteers in a non-profit association, helped to organize a trip to Morocco. While enjoying the landscape and the pleasure of traveling, it was then that the dream of opening a company that provided unique moments, memories and experiences was born.

The first chapter began in 2005, when both entrepreneurs ventured with just €5,000 and launched the idea called Odisseias. A company with an innovative concept in Portugal, with the purpose of Inspiring people to experience life.

Relaxing in a spa, offering unique gourmet experiences or an adventure in a parachute, would now be possible. Following a few months of setting up the operation; Odisseias sold around 20 experiences by Christmas time.

Since then, Odisseias has come a long way and is currently the gift experiences market leader in Portugal. With a structure of more than 60 employees, a market share above 70% through the sale of more than 1,000 experiences per day, the company closed 2020 with sales of more than 19 million euros. It sells gift-box experiences available online and in more than 500 stores across Portugal with a mission to innovate and surprise its clients.

In 2017, Odisseias was acquired by Smartbox Group, a French company. A pioneer in the sector and the European leader in gift experiences, Smartbox is number 1 in most of the countries in which it operates with sales of nearly 6.5 million experience gifts in 11 European countries: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and Ireland. The group distributes gift boxes to 10,000 major outlets across Europe achieving a total annual business volume of over 480 million euros.

Throughout its growth, Odisseias moved offices several times, while its team grew, but it always maintained its headquarters in Oeiras. For the founders, Oeiras offers the perfect ecosystem for a young and innovative company, facilitating the acquisition and retention of talents.

Odisseias value proposition is to be the go-to company for original gifts and experiences, with an offering of more than 60,000 experience gifts, accommodation packs, as well as experiences for adventure, well-being, gourmet and multi-activities. Year after year, we keep our focus on the quality of our products and services, always improving and growing. For a short break or a moment filled with emotion, the gift you live is the most beautiful gift.

With a unique team spirit, a great part of Odisseias’ success is due to its employees. Já foi considerada uma das melhores empresas para trabalhar em Portugal. The team lives and breathes the company’s mission and wakes up every day with the purpose of giving their best to surprise its customers with a great customer experience.

A perfect acronym to describe the company’s team spirit is THRIVE: Together, Have fun, Respect, Innovate, Value the customer and, Excellence sum-up the values of the team.

This positive team spirit is fostered with Respect and Fun as key words. The team meets whenever possible to participate in teambuilding, celebrate an innovation or simply to have informal conversations that bring the people and the ideas together.

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