Oded Mansori

Co-Founder, HB Antwerp

Introducing Radical Transparency To The Diamond World

- Oded Mansori

HB Antwerp stands to me, Oded Mansori, CEO and co-founder, for a diamond company of the newest times; innovative; disrupting tradition by adding transparency, traceability, and fairness to the diamond value chain.

Being active in the industry for 30 years, makes me feel and read its heartbeat in a clear and natural way. It is an intriguing world, that was on a roll vibrantly during decades, but is today in a desperate need of bold self-reflection.

Although the product itself and its astonishing transformation from a rough diamond into an exceptional and exquisite polished miracle, will always remain breathtaking, only focusing on the result is not enough anymore. Today’s consumers demand verifiable, granular data about the full process: where and how it was mined, what was the contribution to the community, who manufactured it, how many times it traveled the world, what is the ecological footprint, etc. And they are right.

For us, HB Antwerp, introducing full transparency as an evidence into the whole journey of each and every diamond, is part of our DNA. To achieve this goal of tracking and tracing the journey of a diamond from mine to finger, we were forced to take a fresh look at the traditional supply chain. By knowing the source, keeping the supply chain short and documenting each step of the way we can easily commit to radical transparency. As a result, we are not being hyperbolic when we say we are the first company to provide consumers all the detailed data they are asking for.

Why do we go to all this effort? Because we recognize the world has changed. Consumer confidence in brands and products has eroded. Wrongs have been exposed. Trust has been lost. And in a world with so many high-ticket items competing for consumer love, if you lose their trust, you will lose them as customers.

Our customers are our compass. When we process rough diamonds, we want to make sure we process them in the way the consumer wants. Retailers must be able to guide their customers through this process, but more importantly, take them all the way to the source of origin, providing all verifiable, granular data of the entire process. Only in this way we can ascend to the ultimate personalization of a product that has been intriguing people for decades.

HB Antwerp

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