Is An Emergency Training Center Headquartered At Taguspark In Oeiras

Founded in 2008, it is the American Heart Association’s largest International Training Center in Europe, training more than 8000 people per year. Ocean Medical is the primary choice for portuguese doctors and nurses looking for skills and certification in areas of resuscitation and trauma.

In partnership with ISCIA, a higher education institution, the first postgraduate course in Medical Emergency and Catastrophe was created in Portugal. The classes take place simultaneously in Oeiras and Aveiro. In addition Ocean Medical has published several research papers in international scientific magazines. In 2019 Ocean Medical started a social project to teach Basic Life Support in Oeiras schools. The project “Be the hero” trained more than 900 young people between 14 and 18 years old at no cost.

Renata – the largest network for teaching nonmedical people in Basic Life Support and AED in Portugal. Several courses given everyday in all the main cities in Portugal. www.renata.pt

DAE Express – Public Access to Defibrillation. Market leader with management and maintenance of more than 1200 locations with defibrillator. www.daex.pt

Ocean Medical Emergency Services – Prevention service and differentiated medical assistance at events and municipal civil protection. During the pandemic OMES was in the front line helping with vaccination and outbreak control in nursing homes. www.omes.pt


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