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Empowers Data-informed Companies To Trust Their Data

ObservePoint empowers data-informed companies to trust their data and create better experiences for their customers with accurate and actionable data. Our solution is an automated platform built to validate marketing tags and optimize digital analytics implementations—giving companies trustworthy data to guide their marketing decisions and better connect with their audience.

When they first met, John Pestana and Rob Seolas were just neighbors.

At least, to each other. John was the cofounder of Omniture—the Provo, Utah startup turned global web analytics company that was later acquired by Adobe and became Adobe Analytics. Rob was involved in his own startup, iLeadMedia, an online loyalty program and lead generation company that was early to the digital marketing game.

Both John and Rob led busy lives, keeping up with their respective businesses, each making a dent in the emerging digital marketing space in their own way. What they knew of each other’s careers was mostly filtered to them through their spouses, who were running partners.

One day, as John and Rob visited on a deck in Rob’s backyard, the two started bantering about a challenge John had noticed many users of Omniture had: as companies’ web analytics implementations matured, so did the rate of errors, with no simple platform to identify and alert analytics stakeholders of those errors.

Rob had recently made a successful exit from iLeadMedia and was eager to sink his teeth into a new project, ideally in the burgeoning analytics space. John, whose entrepreneurial spirit was excited about a new project, suggested that when the time was right, he and Rob should start this venture together.

A few years later, the time had come for John and Rob to join forces to create ObservePoint.

Starting in 2009, John and Rob were able to pool their resources to bootstrap ObservePoint during the early stages to identify whether the challenge John had identified at Omniture was a big enough opportunity to create a profitable business.

But John and Rob’s vision was not restricted to helping Omniture customers they envisioned a technology platform that could scan entire websites without deploying any code, conducting audits to check for any and all thirdparty technologies installed on the site.

Since that fateful day on the back porch, ObservePoint has received more than $25M in venture capital and has grown to more than 100 employees. In 2018, ObservePoint generated nearly $14M in revenue on their suite of analytics testing and tag governance products. Big-name companies like Adobe, Comcast, Verizon, Chevron, Ford, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Texas Instruments, and others are among the many customers who have caught the vision of the value ObservePoint provides.

Together, John and Rob have led ObservePoint to achieve many important milestones and public recognitions, including:

• Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America
• Deloitte Fast 500 North America
• MountainWest Capital Network Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Utah (recognized 3 times)
• Digital Analytics Association Finalist for: Best New Technology, Most Influential Vendor Finalist, and                      Technology of the Year

John and Rob’s goal is for companies who use ObservePoint to be able to focus less on verifying data for accuracy and more on strategic initiatives that help them increase revenue and improve customer experiences. Their vision is to bring insight, automation and order to the chaos of data collection.

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