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Oakpoint Advisors-Identify, Refine And Deliver World-Class Alternative Investment Managers

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Oakpoint Advisors was established to identify, refine and deliver world-class alternative investment managers to institutional investors around the globe.

Oakpoint Advisors 2017 Coughlin As a registered broker-dealer headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Oakpoint has helped attract a number of alternative asset managers to do business here on the Gulf Coast with its unique platform based in Tampa Bay. Founded in 2009 at its offices at 320 Park Avenue in New York City, the company led to Tampa in 2013 by its Founder and Managing Partner, Gerry Coughlin.  Over the years, Oakpoint has developed into a robust service provider to assets managers. The company provides comprehensive marketing and capital formation services, as well as non-investment functions including accounting, cash management, equity execution services, middle-office operations and compliance support to select investment managers. After a previous opportunity brought Gerry Coughlin to Tampa in the early 2000’s, the beautiful weather and balanced lifestyle led him to decide to relocate from New York and further develop the business in Tampa. Oakpoint operates out of their headquarters in downtown Tampa, while leveraging offices across the NY metro area, Chicago, and Boston.  While most of their clients are located across the U.S. and overseas, the majority of Oakpoint’s management and support staff are based in Tampa. Oakpoint Advisors Group 2017 Coughlin The alternative asset industry is challenging and constantly evolving. Oakpoint has developed a differentiated model that is designed to meet current challenges by integrating both capital raising and infrastructure services.  This model allows asset managers to focus on generating alpha while achieving a cost effective, scalable business.  Oakpoint seeks to effectively raise capital for proven investment managers by alleviating the daunting responsibilities associated with growing the AUM of the business. Oakpoint’s process demands a deep understanding of the manager’s investment strategy and management style.Its senior capital team acts as an extension of the investment manager, with the ability to succinctly convey to prospective investors what differentiates their client from peers in the marketplace. Oakpoint’s team has led successful campaigns across a range of strategies, drawing on its extensive institutional network consisting of endowments, foundations, public and private pensions, consultants, insurance companies, sovereigns and large family offices. Oakpoint Advisors - Metropolitan Ministry Oakpoint Advisors 5k In addition to the capital raising platform, Oakpoint provides select investment managers with a customized, integrated operations support platform.  Oakpoint’s Manager Services offering addresses the non-investment aspects of the business, allowing managers to focus on their investment process, generating alpha and delivering best-in-class risk-adjusted returns. By leveraging this platform, investment managers gain access to a seasoned team, creating organizational stability while allowing the manager to maintain equity. Non-investment functions are critical to the success of every investment manager. Oakpoint’s team has a proven track record of executing on fund launches, creating a strong accounting and operational infrastructure, responding to investor due diligence requests and helping develop and implement compliance policies. Together, the capital platform and manager services create a compelling, comprehensive structure to enhance emerging asset managers and set them up for steady growth and long term success.

100 S. Ashley Dr. #1130

Tampa, Fl 33802

Phone: +1 212-588-8400

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