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Is an innovative online funding portal that provides a way for investors to help fund area startups

Nvsted is an innovative online funding portal that provides a way for investors to help fund area startups. The Nvsted platform is unique; it is the only Regulation Crowdfunding marketplace specific to the St. Louis region and the first in the nation organized by an economic development agency

Nvsted was launched in April 2018 by the St. Louis Economic DevelopmentPartnership (SLEDP) and serves as a Regulation Crowdfunding platform for companies within the St. Louis region. Nvsted strengthens the St. Louis region’s position as a fertile area to start and grow a business by providing an innovative platform that uniquely supports the region and the business community. Companies may use the funds they raise through Nvsted in areas they need most, to include payroll, marketing, or paying down debt.

Our city, St. Louis, MO, has grown into a thriving hub of startup activity. Just ask any entrepreneur, startup, or business publication. St. Louis is home to several dedicated innovation communities supported by a wealth of accelerators, angel networks, co-working spaces, and a collaborative drive to reinvent our City for the future. The Nvsted team was primed to make something of its own to further support our City’s thriving business community.

As our startup community ages and market conditions mature, most traditional early-stage investors are choosing to delay their involvement further down a startup’s development spectrum with fewer investments across the board. Furthermore, traditional sources of early-stage private funding only seem to find their way to a small share of the total business community, and banks are only getting more conservative. There’s a growing need more than ever to help fill the funding gap that exists between the accelerator and angel investor stage to the venture capital firms of the world.

Enter Regulation Crowdfunding and the Nvsted platform. We listened to our business community and developed a platform to serve a segment of their fundraising needs. We believe Nvsted will be pivotal to jumpstarting local startups’ and early-stage companies’ funding in the St. Louis market. The access to funding provided through Nvsted can be integral to future success in the early stages of a company’s life cycle, as Nvsted and the crowd of investors can provide the necessary buoy to keep start-up companies afloat financially so they can continue to develop.

Nvsted has continued to add new investment offerings to its platform after the success of our first crowdfunding campaign, where STL-native Wellbeing Brewing Company raised nearly $200,000 from 70 investors. After WellBeing’s successful campaign, the company expanded into major retailers Whole Foods, Total Wine, Target, and UK online retailer, DryDrinker.

Pluton Biosciences became the second successful company to reach its investment goal on Nvsted. Pluton launched its funding campaign in January 2019, raising $98,000 from 26 investors in just five months. Pluton Biosciences is a start-up company focused on microbial research to help ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

Join the momentum and help build our community, one crowdfunded business at a time.


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