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A startup company in the greater NYC area with a revolutionary biometric method through our patented contactless hand biometric sensors and proprietary software solution using the hand, specifically the palm and fingers.

Our contactless method provides each individual with a unique and secure pure digital ID from their distinct hand vein pattern.

We at nVIAsoft believe that widespread data breaches, identity theft, and software hacking are caused by currently available forms of authentication, i.e., signatures, passwords, smart cards, key fobs, and other biometrics methods, all of which are fundamentally flawed.

We believe that biometric security must be strong and not partial to just palm or finger, rather, biometric security should be axiomatic with the use of the whole hand. To this effect, our mission is to offer “biometric security in your very hand.”

Secure Identity Access Management (IAM™)

nVIAsoft Corporation presents a variety of secure authentication form factors (devices) for multiple applications offering the most secure and unique solution for infinite Verification, Identification, and Authentication for IAM (Identity Access Management) and Cybersecurity.

Our dynamic authentication solution is the most secure and most reliable method that can adapt to security standards and compliances such as PCI, HIPPA, and GDPR and other Global Standards for User Privacy.

Biometric Security in your (very hand) Verihand™.nVIAsoft offers the dynamic next-generation authentication technology in fraud-free access control and secured automated payment systems.

We are focused on the development of a multi-modal contactless hand biometric technology that utilizes the vein pattern of the whole hand (palm and fingers and other unique modalities in hand).

Our innovative system coined as Verihand means an individual will be verified through their whole hand (palm and fingers), this method creates the pure digital identity out of biometric patterns from individuals’ very hand in a total contactless, non-invasive, and hygienic scanning process.

Our innovation has been brought from prototype stage and is currently public beta, with the implementation of an operations support system (“OSS”) for various applications of authentication systems, initially for access control (door locks, turnstiles, access to data, and equipment inventory), membership-based business, and soon to ramp to secure payment systems.

Unlike other biometrics, our solution doesn’t leave fingerprint traces and handprint traces in any surface that can be copied, and unlike contactless facial recognition, our test can be duplicated.

From test and research, individuals left- and right-hand vein patterns are not the same; even identical twins don’t have the same hand vein pattern.

The facial reader can definitely identify an individual but fails in authentication using the face pattern.

nVIAsoft’s SaaS and DBaS (database as a service) intends to pursue several strategies and objectives that will allow quick market penetration.

The first objective is to offer high-quality authentication products, and services for the targeted applications and industries.

The second, a cloud-based authentication gateway database (DIVA – nVIAOne), a highly robust, and scalable infrastructure that will host the biometric data and perform the authentication and verification process of all linked clients and users on the premises and in the cloud.

Third, specific business objectives that will ensure complete assurance that no user data will be compromised through pure digital ID and the nVIAsoft Dynamic Authentication (nVIAOne) system will be virtually unhackable.

Thus providing an axiomatic security layer to protect bank accounts, online payments, data, authenticated access, and other highly valuable resources of nVIAsoft clients and users.

nVIAsoft’s system development adopts the NIST Cybersecurity Framework with an emphasis on user privacy and data protection.

Bernard D. Garcia, Founder and CEO [email protected]

As the founder and CEO of nVIAsoft Corporation, Bernard Garcia oversees the growth, direction, and innovation of the company.

Bernard is passionate about solving customers’ technological problems and empowering them with total security when accessing websites, applications, and databases.

Bringing more than 20 years of business and information technology and implementation management experience, Bernard is responsible for all nVIAsoft business strategy and technology architecture, as well as Infrastructure management and guidance for nVIAsoft’s global operations.

His extensive IT background includes senior management positions in Architecture, Infrastructure, Systems Operations, and Solutions Development on virtually all technological platforms.

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