Our Mission Is To Help Anyone Reach Their Health Potential

Already a successful tech entrepreneur, Alex Skryl had not intended to take on another similar venture. However, Alex was deeply moved by the growing epidemic of chronic disease in the United States. He felt that it was time to put his entrepreneurial mindset towards giving back to the community. Thus, Alex decided to launch NutriSense – a digital health platform that empowers individuals to better understand and take control
of their metabolic health.

NutriSense equips individuals with the tools to personalize their own health journey. Once users receive their personal continuous glucose monitors (CGM), they team up one-to-one with world-class dietitians to provide evidence-based recommendations determined by their own novel biometrics found right within the NutriSense app. Whether users want to lose a few pounds, shed a few seconds off their mile time, or spend a few extra years with their grandchildren, the NutriSense team provides its members with the tools they need to achieve their own unique goals.

NutriSense measures its success by each individual and their accomplishments. We ask every NutriSense user upon starting, what are your personal goals to ensure we’re providing them with a unique experience designed to reach their health potential.

Mr. Z joined NutriSense with the simple, yet complex, goal of being able to keep up with his grandchildren. After only 4 months with our program, Mr. Z lowered his A1C by 17%, decreased his fasting glucose by 50 points, and lost 15 lbs. He is not only able to keep up with his grandkids, but completed his first 5k this past September. Helping individuals like Mr. Z to reach their health potential is not only rewarding, but it drives us to continue improving the NutriSense program. With every stride, we’re one step closer to empowering an even greater number of individuals like Mr. Z to take control of their metabolic health.


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