Innovative, science-backed product portfolio with cognitive health ingredients for esport athletes, gamers and streamers to consume before and during games and streams, designed to meet the needs of the gaming community.

Our team started studying esports athletes in 2018 and quickly saw a need to provide a healthy alternative to the traditional energy drink space in gaming and esports. Once athletes started asking our Doc what they should be drinking he saw an opportunity and called Josh our CEO and co-founder and together they created NutriGMR.

We understand the critical moment. The deciding factor between victory and defeat that can happen in any game, at any time.

When breathing isn’t a guarantee and every nerve is felt for the first time again. The split-second window when we secure hard-fought victories or suffer heartbreaking defeats. These are the fractions of time that form the elite. Those who prove there’s nobody better, and never settle for “ next time.” And in these moments, we must sustain focus and energy. We can’t afford to crash. Because the instant we fail, someone else inches closer to our seat at the top. Bur critical moments don’t just happen in games. It’s bigger than that. We’re living in one right now. The moment when we get to decide what being a gamer truly means. We get to choose whether to tolerate negativity or fight tooth and nail for a better community. NutriGMR isn’t just about helping you land your shots, it’s about giving you the courage to change a culture. It’s not just about beating another level, it’s about conquering the world in front of you. NutriGMR prepares you for every critical moment because the next one could define your legacy.

We are excited for the opportunity to provide healthy solutions to today’s cognitive athletes and bring content and future products to the community that is focused on the mind, improving performance, and are science-backed.


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