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NRStor Incorporated is an industry-leading Canadian energy storage developer, owner and operator with experience deploying energy storage across the energy supply chain. Our vision is to deploy energy storage projects at scale in order to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon energy system. NRStor has successfully deployed numerous first-of-a-kind energy storage projects.

NRStor now owns and operates one of Canada’s largest and most technologically diverse portfolios of energy storage assets. We develop projects in partnership with local and Indigenous communities to maximize value creation with a triple bottom line approach.

Building a Sustainable Future
NRStor aims to be the leading profit-with-purpose energy storage developer. Our success stems from our:
• Woman-Led Management Team
• Proven Track Record Deploying First of Kind Projects
• Partnership-First Business Model
• Diversified Value Streams and Monetization Strategy
• Trusted Relationships
• Impact Investments

We prioritize relationships, investing time and energy up-front to work closely with our partners. Our strong supplier partnerships ensure that we deliver industry-leading projects in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Energy Innovation in Practice
Our team has a deep understanding of how energy storage technologies can operate to serve grid needs. We apply this knowledge to develop innovative energy storage projects such as:

• The Oneida Energy Storage Project
NRStor is working in partnership with Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation to develop the Oneida Energy Storage Project. This 250 megawatt / 1000 megawatt-hour energy storage facility in Southwestern Ontario represents the largest project of its kind in Canada and is amongst the largest energy storage projects in the world. The facility will provide clean, reliable power capacity leading to a more
efficient, affordable and cost-effective electricity system.

• The Minto Flywheel Facility
In 2012, Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator selected NRStor to develop a 2MW flywheel project through a competitive RFP process. The Minto flywheel project was the first grid-connected commercial flywheel facility in Canada and has had a major impact on Canada’s energy storage landscape. NRStor has continued to successfully operate the facility since 2014 to help balance the Ontario electricity system.

• The Cecil Powerwall Pilot
NRStor launched the first major residential battery (Tesla Powerwall) rental program in one of Canada’s most densely populated and electrically congested neighbourhoods. The pilot demonstrated how this model can make energy storage affordable for homeowners while providing valuable services to the local and provincial bulk electricity system – enabling lower-cost, more reliable and more sustainable energy for ratepayers.

• The Arviat Clean Energy Microgrid 
For Canada’s remote communities and mines, reliance on diesel and greenhouse gas-emitting power sources is still the norm. NRStor is working in partnership with the Hamlet of Arviat in Nunavut to transition the community’s energy system to wind, solar and energy storage. Not only will the project result in increased power quality and reliability, cleaner air, and safer water, but it will also empower the Hamlet of Arviat to use clean energy as a catalyst for local economic development.

• The Goderich Compressed Air Energy Storage Project
Advanced compressed air energy storage (A-CAES) technology has no emissions and can eliminate the need for greenhouse gas-emitting power plants by storing electricity for long durations. NRStor partnered with Hydrostor, another Toronto innovator and leading provider of A-CAES technology, to successfully build the project on a salt cavern in Goderich, Ontario. The Goderich site is the world’s first A-CAES facility to achieve commercial operations.

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