40 years creating tomorrow. Together

Here at Novika, physics is not only a science word. It is everyday life. Ours and yours.

Lorraine Blais-General manager

For forty years, we have applied our skills to the development of exceptional technological products and industrial processes. We measure, understand, control and use the physical phenomena so that they become your competitiveness, your quality of life.

You live with the results of our work every day, in hospitals, on public transport or at home. We change the way you move. The way your food is produced. The way you heat and light your home.

But you probably don’t know our name.

We are the new generation of electro-medical equipment. The sustainable encapsulation of nuclear waste. The wood stoves that preserve air quality. The maple syrup produced without combustion. The noise-free cellar coolers. The traditional baked goods produced by the second.

We are Quebec innovators. Creators who shape physics, electronics, mechanics, mathematics, and computer science as others shape clay, wood and marble.

We stand behind the hundreds of companies that market or operate the products and processes we have designed for them and with them. We are the long-time partner they turn to for unexpected and complex challenges. We are the ones who develop the product that sets them apart, or the process that will propel their production capacity. We are the ones who make these new technologies accessible and understandable to them.

That we remain in the shadows is secondary for us. It is even rather in our nature.

What matters the most is that, in the end, it works. That the product or equipment is efficient, simple to manufacture and reliable. That it brings success to our partner. And that it makes a difference in the lives of those who use it.

And if it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to bring innovation into the world. A team that is both passionate, creative, and grounded in reality.

Today’s reality, and the one we will bring into the world. Together


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