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NORTHSTAR is a real-time holistic and continuous appraisal system giving staff a feeling of autonomy and ownership over their destiny while also giving Managers and Directors fantastic visibility of activity and ways to develop staff productivity and careers. All delivered in a beautifully presented web platform. I truly believe we are challenging standards and ‘traditional’ thinking with NORTHSTAR.


NORTHSTAR was founded by Glyn Blaize and Darren Ryemill as an ‘out of the box consultancy platform’ for growing recruitment organisations. What the NORTHSTAR team subsequently identified was the opportunity to create a tool to bridge the void between outdated and failing staff appraisal processes, happiness at work and the CEO’s vision. We have been able to create real-time feedback on activity, to facilitate performance development at all levels in an organisation.

Our software is completely unique and innovative within the recruitment space. What makes NORTHSTAR truly special is its ability to communicate important data insight in seconds through beautiful visuals which are ‘easy to digest’ and act upon.

During the design and delivery of the early NORTHSTAR prototype, we did thorough research to uncover the best way to present data to users in an engaging way. It takes 13 milliseconds to see an image and the brain will continue to process it following exposure. The aim was to present data with striking visuals that were both informative and time-efficient. Each of our software modules presents the data visually, using a colour-coded system to give a quick and clear indication into the nature of the performance.


What makes NORTHSTAR so unique is that it delivers curated insights from the top level for key stakeholders, down to grassroots level for individual employees. This is what we believe makes it innovative and powerful as it gives complete transparency through a business; from performance management to career progression, and links the pillars of a business together.

NORTHSTAR is a technology founded on appraising staff, resulting in better team management and improved mental wellbeing, as users’ are able to take control of their career and feel successful and happy. Key to the NORTHSTAR platform is its three modules: People Analytics, Sales Analytics, and Business Analytics. All aim at answering the questions ‘how do we develop the best workforce’, ‘how do we achieve the best performance’ and ‘how do we create the best business’.

NORTHSTAR forges its own path and does something very different from other platforms. Rather than stop at a great appraisal process and platform, or provide great data analytics, NORTHSTAR blends the two together in a unique mix of activity analytics and agile appraising of staff.

What makes NORTHSTAR so special is two-fold. Not only does it help businesses improve their processes and profitability, but it also creates a vehicle to develop employees and present them with better career prospects by marrying their wants, needs, and desires with the goals of the key stakeholders of the business. NORTHSTAR is a product that puts people first. Its people analytics tool means employees have control of their own future, and the business wins.

The future for us is not only bringing NORTHSTAR to a wider market but bringing an additional element to the platform; harnessing the power of machine learning and AI. Bristol and the South West is a fantastic hotbed of technology, innovation, and business, and as we grow we want to be a catalyst for growth in the businesses we work with, thus providing more jobs and economic growth.

Some notable achievements that go beyond financial success include the 2018 release of docu-series, The Movement, on Amazon Prime which both featured and was won by NORTHSTAR founder Glyn Blaize. The Movement was a competition for rising entrepreneurs to receive significant financial investment by pitching their platform in a series of elimination rounds.

Another notable success for the founder of NORTHSTAR was being awarded a position on the Bristol24/7 BME power list 2018; a joint partnership between the University of Bristol, Bristol Students’ Union and Bristol 24/7, the list showcases and celebrates diversity across the city.

2019 Finalist – Bristol Life Awards
2017 Finalist – Recruiter Award / Onrec Awards
2017 Winner – Best recruitment Technology – RI Awards
2017 Finalist – The Sparkies


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