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Incorporated in 2014, our team of ten is made up of adventurous artists, designers and programmers, who all came to Montreal for its reputation as a bustling haven for makers of video games. We’re passionate about people coming together to have fun, and our past games such as All-Star Troopers, Pogo Chick, Airline Tycoon – Free Flight and WinterForts are examples of our commitment to creating experiences people can share with each other. Our ties to Montreal and the game development community have helped us to grow our projects with a strong sense of ‘togetherness’; the very thing our games are built upon.

But we don’t do it alone! Norsfell was founded as one of the first studios fostered by Execution Labs, a game studio incubator in Montreal. With industry guidance and professional advice at every step, our first games were made within a collaborative environment that provided clear direction for both the studio and the work

Our projects are supported by various funding sources and pass through rigorous application processes, such as with the Canada Media Fund. And, as part of Montreal Inc’s 2014 Cohort of Laureates and a strong relationship with Google Montreal, Norsfell has had access to one-on-one meetings with industry experts and mentorship events centered around learning more about growing a business in Canada’s second-largest city.

Montreal is a special place for those who are interested in games. We’re involved in year-round events such as game jams, conventions, expos, trade shows, studio visits, and workshops, making the city a great hub for anyone who wants to learn how to make their own game, or just wants an afternoon to try out something new before it hits the market. Small studios like us are next door to video game giants such as Ubisoft and WB Games, and regular events around town ensure that developers have plenty of chances to meet each other and share experiences.

Tribes of Midgard, our current project and winner of the 2017 Ubisoft Indie Series, is a great example of the innovation that comes with community support. Inspired by stories from Norse mythology, players must work together to defend their Viking village against Giants from the Ragnarok. But rather than hunting for resources to keep yourself alive, players concentrate on how to survive as a group against a growing threat. Shifting the focus to supporting your team and keeping everyone alive opens up a new range of cooperative mechanics that offer something to both seasoned gamers and curious newcomers. Redefining survival games for a new audience is a massive task, but our aim is to open up a new genre that is inviting, exciting, and community-focused, just like us. With Tribes of Midgard, we have a huge opportunity to influence an entirely new sector of the market, leveraging everything we’ve learned in live-operations since the company’s inception.

Norsfell is growing with the help of our Montreal ecosystem. We’re inspired by our city and fellow game developers to explore new avenues of game-making and create experiences that people can enjoy together.

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