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Nomad Creative is a digital storytelling agency focused on partnering with brands and organizations dedicated to passion and purpose. With film as our medium, we move audiences in a way that allows them to understand the mission and vision of our clients in an authentic, emotionally impactful manner.

Nomad was founded by CEO and Creative Director Sami Kattan. Born to a Syrian father and Irish mother and raised in Saudi Arabia as a child, he was brought into the world with a diverse background – and being immersed in travel from an early age has irrevocably created a global perspective in Kattan’s life.

After graduating from the University of Florida with dual degrees in Anthropology and Psychology, Kattan embarked on a two year ‘nomadical sabbatical’ in Central America, where he found himself swimming alongside a 40 ft whale shark in crystal blue Caribbean waters.

Using the original GoPro camera, he was able to capture that divine, mind-blowing experience and share it with the world. In doing so, he found his true calling as a storyteller and committed his life to sharing the beauty and perfection of the natural world, with the goal of helping humanity realize the irreplaceable value of the place we all call home.

Guided by this unshakeable drive, he continued to produce and share videos on social media that attracted the individuals that reverberated with his message who would become his first clients.

Working primarily with non-profi ts committed to environmental conservation and social impact in the early days shaped his mission to communicate the unseen and help raise critical support for impactful causes.

Sami Kattan, CEO, Creative Director

Fast forward to today and Nomad has grown into a full-fl edged digital agency hosting a team of creatives that guide a range of clientele to realize and communicate their true purpose and move forward with more clarity, decisiveness, and drive to achieve their goals.

Whether producing media for an established global ocean conservation non-profi t working to save sharks or a CEO new to digital storytelling looking to bring more meaningful impact to their organization, Nomad is committed to telling powerful stories using the latest, cutting-edge fi lm technology and a team of world-class talent.

From filming mountain biker cross the width of Costa Rica in three days to raising money for children in Baja California in need of life-saving cardiac surgery to leaning out of a safari Jeep to capture hyenas battle wild dogs in Richard Branson’s private game reserve – we go the distance necessary to tell the story and get the shot.

With clients ranging from Beneath The Waves, Maverick1000, BBC, Virgin Group, National Geographic, and Spartan Race, Nomad’s media pieces have garnered millions of views across social media platforms, achieved impactful outcomes for businesses, raised millions of dollars for non-profi ts, and have been featured on Forbes, Virgin Group, Insider, Lonely Planet, Yahoo, and beyond.

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