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As a Vancouver based Business Leader, Data Analyst and Educator, I am an active contributor in the digital technology ecosystem cultivated by our beautiful global metropolis. In this community rooted in collaborative cross pollination between industry, academia, the public sector and entrepreneurs, the galvanizing force is the desire to build, invest and innovate for a liveable smart city. It is an honour to contribute to the industry through my work in leading and advising organizations to a better digital world through data.

The organizations and structures that led us into the digital and technological revolution are reengineering their processes to adapt to a more equitable and sustainable future. The road ahead is challenging, the problems are complex and require solutions grounded in critical, computational and systematic thinking. Data is the new currency. The future belongs to organizations that can design, lead and innovate for a rapidly changing world.

Large tech companies are investing billions on data infrastructure and data-driven technology startups are innovating faster than many established businesses. Leveraging data insights is imperative for a
profitable and sustainable business.

Business leaders must champion a scalable data-driven culture and integrated operations that allow for the free exchange of critical data in real time across an entire organization. The approach of relying solely on reporting tools, analytics platforms and a few skilled experts to determine the fate of the business is the way of the past. Today, the fastest growing businesses embrace a data-driven culture, a culture where everyone is asking the question “What is the problem we want data to solve?”

In a world dependent on data, it is both an operational necessity and an asset. Data-driven organizations that effectively leverage data gain a competitive advantage and greater business intelligence. Access to relevant, actionable data is blurring the dividing line between the voice of the customer and business insights. The role of the customer is evolving into a curated partnership. Customer preferences, behaviors and opinions now have a seat at the table and play a critical role in influencing equitable decision making.

As our global community strives to manage the democratization of data, information, privacy and communication channels, we have reached an inflection point concerning the role of leadership in these times. The demand for effective leadership can be heard across every corner of the globe. It is time for a fresh new approach, one founded on the principles of agility, ingenuity and community. The answer to the call is the productive disruptor: A data-driven, technologically competent and socially conscious
business leader with the cultural acuity to lead tough conversations and skillfully navigate the minefield of inclusive engagement.

Njeri Watkins is a catalytic leader, business advisor and cultural innovator with over 15 years of expertise in leading, educating and navigating organizations to a better digital world through data.

An influential educator in the areas of leadership, business intelligence and data analytics, Njeri has been an Instructor with The University of British Columbia for over a decade. Njeri has presented at over 100 conferences, digital technology events, academic institutions and government programs in Canada, United States and the Caribbean.

Njeri’s combined experience as an entrepreneur, data analyst and educator has given rise to her highly acclaimed leadership programs “Building Data-Driven Organizations”, “Integrity Leadership” and “The Future of Cultural Innovation”.

Njeri received distinguished recognition as one of the “100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women” and actively provides advisory services and training in business intelligence, data-driven leadership and disruption management to entrepreneurs, business leaders and corporations. 

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