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Nissan provides distinctively designed products packed with convenient technology and innovative services that aim to ease the lives of our customers.


Nissan Iberia S.A. – Branch in Portugal created in 2007 when the Regional Business Unit IBERIA was formed, combining the countries Portugal and Spain into a single business unit and dividing operations between the headquarters in Barcelona and the branch in Oeiras, each location responsible for commercial activities in each country. Before 2007, the brand was represented in Portugal by the importer Grupo Entreposto and for a short period of time, by Renault-Nissan Portugal.

The operations in Portugal comprise of a dealer network that has throughout the national territory, 37 points of sale and 41 after-sales service workshops. One of our main goals was to develop and consolidate a network of sales and services capable of providing an excellent service, improving the average performance compared to what was offered by the competition alongside with the high quality of our products.

In 2010 Nissan kick-started a mobility paradigm shift with the launch of the Nissan LEAF – the first 100% electric car mass-produced. In Portugal, LEAF is the absolute sales leader for the past 10 years.

This new paradigm is changing the relationship between the car and the cities – in which the car is integrated into an electric ecosystem allowing a circular use of clean energy.


In 2018, Nissan in Portugal launched the LEAF4Trees program, aiming to double the environmental benefits of its Zero Emission car customers generate while driving within the country. By not emitting harmful gases, our 100% electric circulating park saves the emission of CO2 which would have to be offset by thousands of trees. Nissan has planted more than 159 thousand trees and continues to actively engage in foresting Portugal as part of the Sustainability Program to help the country pursue its goal towards carbon neutrality.

The LEAF4Trees program is an example of how Nissan Intelligent Mobility is contributing to create an Electric Ecosystem that profoundly changes the way we drive and how we live, making everyone’s life more sustainable and exciting.

Nissan builds on its decades-long programs to reduce emissions and provide electric vehicle technologies that benefit the environment and society. The company’s electrification and emissions reduction efforts support the global progress towards carbon neutrality by 2050.

In parallel, Nissan is democratizing the findings of its studies in artificial intelligence to fulfill its double zero commitment: obtain zero accidents and zero fatalities on the road.

Our product line is meeting the future of Intelligent Mobility as we aim to have 50% of our product line in Europe to be electrified by the end 2023.

The Nissan Ariya, the new 100% electric crossover responds directly to the request of our customers who want to have a 100% electric 4X4 crossover experience. The new Nissan Qashqai is also being launched with two electrified engines, including the exclusive e-Power technology that consists of a small gasoline engine that powers the battery which allows 100% electric driving of the vehicle and will serve a wide base of people who cannot depend on the charging network, but want to
enjoy the comfort of full electric driving.

At Nissan, we believe the automotive industry can be a driving force in meeting global environmental and climate needs through a commitment to innovation and impact reduction. When combined with the expansion of renewable energy, charging infrastructure and Vehicle To Grid Technology as well as sustainable operations, electric vehicles can help accelerate the arrival of a carbon neutral future.

We are leading the debate with the Nissan Intelligent Mobility Forum, exclusively held in Portugal and a national reference that yearly brings together several stakeholders from different fields, such as infrastructures, energy services, AI researchers and Nissan top executives around the future of mobility and its sustainability.

As the leader in Intelligent Mobility, Nissan takes on the responsibility of using its experience and knowledge in cars with zero emissions, to be an active element in building a social, economic and environmentally better future. This is our mission and what moves us as a team.

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