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The mobility industry has been on the rise for the past decade. We rely on mobility companies like Uber and Lyft and we rely on delivery drivers like Instacart and Postmates. More importantly, we have come to rely on their drivers to bring us from place to place safely and deliver our food and other necessary items in a time when the distance is a virtue and personal contact is less. However, these same businesses have a ton of overhead and usually struggle to make a profit. It became clear to us that if we didn’t do something, we might not have all these convenient new services in the years to come.

In today’s advertising world, commercials and print ads have become online videos and banner ads. Video views and click-thru rates are the new forms of measurement and Tik Toks and Tweets the new form of engagement. But you know what hasn’t changed? The tactics that have worked for decades. That’s both a problem and an opportunity. We’re talking about out of home advertising — the same old billboards, bus shelters, and other static media that you consume while you’re out and about. Pretty much the same as they’ve always been with a few flourishes here and there.

At Nickelytics, we saw the emergence of on-demand vehicles as not just a convenient way to get around and get food delivered, but also a unique opportunity to push out of home advertising to the next level: mobile billboards wrapped on vehicles. And it turns out, our idea wasn’t a fluke. But in fact, a $30 billion untapped market opportunity and a chance to track and measure out of home ads in a meaningful way for the first time. We realized we were onto something big so we have been in pursuit of this integrated opportunity ever since.

We have made great inroads across a wide variety of products and services. From car wraps and AdShield (our in-car protective solution) to impression tracking and real-world attribution, Nickelytics is building a new standard for mobile and outdoor advertising. None of which could be possible without the support of a great community like Tampa Bay and the resources offered by the accelerators, like Tampa Bay Wave and Techstars Turin, we’ve had the great privilege to take part in.

Everything we do is in service of our greater mission: to create advertising that integrates within our lives in a meaningful way while also making the shared mobility we all rely on for our day-to-day needs inherently more sustainable. We do this by translating in-person interactions into online engagement through sophisticated retargeting methods. For example, a consumer sees a Nickelytics ad drive by on a Lyft vehicle and then gets served an ad on their mobile device. We realized this was a huge opportunity for innovation right before our eyes in a new form of mobile advertising. Not only does this form of advertising get attention in a novel way, but it also helps provide vital support to the sustainability of the mobility industry itself.

Plus, the brands who are partners with us don’t just get their ads seen – they also get the chance to talk directly to the people who see the ads. We are connecting brands offline exposure to online engagement with true proof of performance. This makes mobility outdoor ads a huge step up from traditional OOH. Our ultimate vision is to bring Nickelytics advertising to all of the top mobility providers around the world, creating the perfect synergy between brands, mobility operators, drivers, and consumers. Along with a first in the advertising world — measurable and actionable data from a traditional medium.

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