> NICE Iceless Cold Compression Therapy System

Iceless Cold + Compression Therapy System that Comes in a Compact 8x8x8 inch Cube



NICE1 uses advanced technology to greatly improve the convenience and efficacy
of cold + compression therapy. NICE1 delivers precise cold therapy WITHOUT ICE.
NICE1 also provides compression which further helps to reduce swelling and speed recovery. NICE1 integrates these highly effective therapies in a small (8 x 8 x 8 inches) and lightweight package with an easy-to-use touch screen interface.



  • Iceless – NICE patients do not need to place
    ice into the unit.
  • Waterless – Patient does not have to worry
    about adding water to the unit once the
    technician sets up the unit.
  • Allows for consistent temperature control
    ranging from 42°f to 58°f.
  • Easy to use “touch control” display screen.
  • Allows for easy and immediate control
    of compression levels.
  • Allows for timed programmability and
    overnight utilization.
  • Form-fitting wraps designed specifically for
    each joint.



  • Compliance – patient much more compliant when no ice/water required.
  • Promote Faster Healing – decrease edema, improve lymphatic drainage, improved range of motion.
  • Opioids Reduction – immediate pain relief, reduce
    pain medication intake.
  • Compression – allows for zero compression,
    as well as static or intermittent cold compression
    that can be controlled at low, medium,
    and high levels.
  • Mobility – NICE unit easier to transport sized
    at 8x8x8 & weighs 9 lbs.
  • Temperature Control – allows for personal
    preference on temperature settings since patients
    have different sensitivity to cold therapy.
  • Safety Feature – NO Thermal damage since unit
    cannot go below 42°f .
  • Personal Settings – pre-set programming
    for “quick start” and overnight sessions.



NICE1 is a breakthrough product in the sports medicine market, a market that increasingly relies on both technology and design to move the needle.

We’ve worked with top surgeons, engineers and industrial designers to create a superior product.

By combining the therapeutic benefits of cooling and compression in a single easy-to-use device, recovery times are greatly improved

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