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Newicon is a software, design and digital marketing company. We help ambitious businesses create a new, better tomorrow — and we’ve been doing it for 13 years.

What does a new tomorrow look like? Well, it could mean designing and developing an app that uses the latest web technologies to disrupt a market. Or it could mean building bespoke software that completely transforms how a business operates.

Whatever the solution, everything we do is built on a foundation of innovation. To achieve this, we offer a suite of services — software development, UX & UI design, branding, digital marketing, strategy & consultancy, and web development.

It’s this that sets us apart from our competition. There are some fantastic software houses in Bristol. Equally, there are a few amazing design and marketing agencies. But none can take a project from start to finish in the same way that Newicon can.

For a company like Newicon, Bristol is the ideal location. The South West is recognised as one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the UK — and Bristol is at the heart of that growth.

There’s a buzz in the city. Businesses here are keen to become disruptors and open to the idea that innovative digital solutions can lead to transformation. And we offer them that transformation, no matter how big their business is.

“Our clients come to us for bespoke, digital solutions to their problems. Whilst their problems and projects are often unique, every one of our clients has one thing in common. They’re planning for a new tomorrow. And so are we. To us, ‘new tomorrow’ represents much more than a phrase. It’s our company mantra - the launch platform for everything we do. Why? Because the future is inspiring. Our collective tomorrows are filled with boundless opportunities. Opportunity to grow. Opportunity to disrupt. Opportunity to have a lasting impact on the world.”

- - Steven O’Brien, CEO

We’ve been very lucky to have worked with a huge variety of clients — from ambitious startups, right through to multi-national organisations.

One example of this is our work with Airbus. The aeroplane manufacturer needed to find a way to make their ground engineers more efficient and accurate. So we worked with them to create a smartphone app that helps engineers quickly and accurately perform checks on the landing gear of their aircraft, using a combination of Bluetooth and image recognition technology.

Another example is our work with Renewable Exchange — an eco-startup. Their unique idea was to make it easier and more cost-effective for renewable energy producers to sell electricity to off-takers. We worked with them to build an online bidding platform that did just that, as well as a website to promote their new service. Renewable Exchange has gone from success to success, and they even won a prestigious Innovation award at the Renewable Energy Association 2019 Awards.

The future looks bright for Newicon. We’re growing. We’re creating innovative technologies and products — such as Neon, our own software framework. And we keep improving and innovating new ways for businesses of any size to automate, connect and power the future. After all, digital transformation should be available to all.

Bristol’s future is equally as exciting — as its reputation grows for being one of the most forward-thinking, tech-friendly and green cities in the UK.


0117 205 0425
The Waterfront, Welsh Back,
Bristol, BS1 4SB

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