Newicon is a design led software house with the mission to help businesses and entrepreneurs to develop products and services that will create a better tomorrow.

As innovators, we are always challenging ourselves to develop products
that can help to shape a future where talent, creativity and innovation
can thrive.

We are passionate about sharing our expertise and we want other teams
to feel the excitement and energy we feel when we work with clients to
unlock their creativity and innovation.

So we decided that the best way to achieve this was by creating a simple
and flexible system that could be used not only by designers, but by
students, business leaders, product owners, developers and any team
member inside an organisation.

After more than two years with dozens of meetings and countless trials,
we have launched the Innovation Kit!

A complete system, born out of proven design-thinking methodologies,
viewed through the lens of modern Lean and Agile practices, and forged
through 14 years of real experience and testing.

The Kit has been designed to allow companies and organisations of any
size, to run innovation workshops to generate ideas and identify problems
that need to be solved.

All the exercises have been created to encourage participants to think
creatively and to find opportunities and potential solutions from different

The Innovation Kit consists of four sessions with practical exercises,
prompt cards and a facilitator’s guide, all available as downloadable Miro,
Figma and PDF worksheets to be used remotely or in person.

Each Innovation Workshop is a journey starting with exploring problems, defining people’s goals and frustrations, and then finally visualising potential solutions.

The Innovation Kit can be used by any team members inside of an organisation — CEOs, managers, product developers, designers, marketing teams — to work through their biggest challenges; from customer experience, operations, sales and marketing through to people and communication challenges.

And of course to develop products, both physical and digital!

We believe innovation should be part of the culture of every organisation and with the Innovation Kit, teams can run innovation workshops themselves anytime and anywhere without an external consultant or agency.

And this is only the beginning, as we are creating new content that will help companies to go through the entire innovation process, from ideation to design and prototyping, user research techniques, branding and marketing strategies and more.

Be part of this new way to innovate with our easy to use and jargon-free innovation tool.

“Newicon’s approach to design thinking and innovation is the ideal partner for our new curriculum.”
Lisa Brodie / Head of the School of Engineering at UWE Bristol

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