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In the South West, there’s a growing need for upskilling and training professionals in the areas of design, digital and engineering. A report by the South West Digital Skills Partnership shows that for employers “the most significant issue and one that was likely to affect their business in the next three years, was in recruiting staff with the digital technology skills they need, with 29% identifying it as a significant issue and 56% identifying it as a significant/moderate issue”.

Newicon wanted to be part of the solution, and launched the Newicon Academy in 2020, offering a series of high standard training courses to anyone seeking to learn relevant digital skills. We’re local to Bristol and our mission is to help people upskill and train to become software developers and digital experts. To close this skills-gap we also need a more diverse gender-equal workforce in tech. Our current development team at Newicon has a 50/50 gender balance and we know that with the right strategy we can help close the the gender-gap in the tech industry.


At Newicon Academy we offer a series of high-quality training courses to people seeking to learn digital skills, as well as to companies wanting to satisfy their training needs. We are very fortunate to have vast experience working with exceptional companies from a variety of industries, including aerospace, finance and renewable energy. This wealth of experience has motivated us to share this knowledge with other professionals. Steve O’Brien, CEO of Newicon explains:

“We’ve spent the last 13 years training our own team up to the highest standard and we feel ready to offer high-quality training to produce job-ready professionals, regardless of their level of expertise when they start the course. This represents a new an exciting new chapter to consolidate Newicon as a leader in innovation” The academy offers courses that are driven by real-world coding skills that are used everyday by modern businesses. Our aim is to create highly employable graduates that go on to start exciting careers in tech while offering new skills to local businesses.


At Newicon Academy, we teach the skills that make our developers successful in their work. Alongside modern languages, frameworks and technologies, we equip our learners with a pragmatic approach to tackling problems, offering our students the ability to keep their skills relevant in a rapidly changing environment. Our training is flexible and industry-focused in a range of areas; from software development to digital transformation.

Newicon Academy is open to career changers, returners, professionals from a variety of backgrounds and anyone interested in learning the skills they need to thrive in this evolving world — no matter their level of experience. The world of technology is highly transferable and we believe the Newicon Academy will support a more diverse and inclusive workforce, armed with the technical skills they need to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. For more information about Newicon Academy please visit: www.newicon.academy

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