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Customizing our approach to the specific needs of a problem – at New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) we draw on the expertise of our staff and talented pool of resources to help New Jersey manufacturers meet the challenges of competing in an ever-changing economy.

We have the unique ability to identify, analyze, and help manufacturers overcome strategic, operational, and workforce challenges that may be blocking their path to growth and success. We help them determine the best courses of action with the highest impact and ROI. Then we guide project implementation with a focus on rapid and effective results.

We are in a time of unprecedented change, with major challenges facing our manufacturers every day such as the skills gap, new technology, cybersecurity, competition, taxes and regulations. As leaders, thinkers and problem solvers, the traditional ways of operating no longer work and it’s imperative to have solutions and invaluable insight to help you innovate rapidly and effectively adapt to change.

New Jersey isn’t immune to the workforce challenges facing the global manufacturing industry. Students are being steered away from industrial sectors and instead are flocking to college directly after high school. Shop classes are disappearing across the country and the essential skills manufacturers are constantly seeking are becoming less and less abundant. NJMEP is taking a hands-on approach to address this severe disruption.

Utilizing our vast network of industry resources, through new and existing industry partnerships, and by collaborating with educational institutions, NJMEP developed the Pro-Action Education Network™. This program focuses on all aspects of the manufacturing workforce. It covers all ages and includes candidates with varying experience levels. Beginning at the pre apprenticeship level along with providing training for senior level manufacturers to refresh their skills, NJMEP’s Pro-Action Education Network™ is cultivating a robust talent pool to ensure New Jersey manufacturing businesses have access to qualified workers.

Pro-Action Education Network™ provides its students with multiple career pathways. The goal is to offer these individuals the skills they need to contribute more and advance their careers. Each of the programs listed below are customizable to meet specific employer needs.

  1. Pre-Apprenticeship & Foundational Credentials – The Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) national certification, SME/ToolingU – Bring someone on-board in the shortest period of time but still require additional training. This program is for both incumbents and new hires.
  2. Open Enrollment ‘Career Advancement’ Training – Incumbent workers can gain enhanced skills to apply to their job – or – the next position at your organization.
  3. Candidate Evaluation & On-the-Job Training (OJT) – NJMEP can deliver evaluations to help businesses select the best candidate for the job. Additionally, NJMEP can help organizations plan On-the-Job training for new hires.
  4. Apprenticeships – Building a team ready for the next levels of employment, as you combine foundational learning with OJT and County College support to build your organization for the future.
  5. Train-the-Mentor – Focuses on training for designated employees who will oversee the development of apprentices. Also, this training provides the skills needed to develop into leaders within an organization.

NJMEP encourages the strength and competitiveness of New Jersey manufacturers through coaching, training, and consulting, collaboration-focused industry programs, and by leveraging government, university, and economic development partnerships.

The experienced engineers and business professionals at NJMEP have skills in manufacturing, management, process improvements, and technology acceleration and work closely with manufacturers to provide company assessments and customized solutions including hands-on facilitation and implementation.

Foundational support services range from manufacturing process improvement and quality systems to food and safety, energy assessments, and more. The focus of these services is to maximize your productivity and optimize the knowledge of your workforce. Innovative growth services include innovation, product design, supply chain development, export assistance and training, and access to multiple national product and marketing opportunities. The focus of these services is to develop new products, utilize new technology, and access new national and global markets.

In addition, NJMEP can assist in recommending funding resources designed to help you spur technology development and commercialization across New Jersey. These resources can help reduce the costs to manufacturers of undertaking projects like prototype development, manufacturing scale-up, and other projects to advance production capabilities.

We’ll help you work within your budget, identify and articulate your needs and connect you to potential funding resources. We’ve culminated all funding resources we’ve used in the past and plan to use in the future; and established a streamlined process to help you offset costs when investing in NJMEP programs/services.

NJMEP is committed to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and providing results that improve a company’s bottom line and drive top line growth.


  • NJMEP serves as the primary resource, advocate and voice for manufacturing in New Jersey since 1996 and are the go-to source for assessing needs and helping manufacturers operate more efficiently, grow profitability and create more jobs and opportunities.
  • NJMEP offers services through the Pro-Action Education Network™ which offers new hires and incumbent workers opportunities through Pre-Apprenticeship & Foundational Credentials, Open Enrollment ‘Career Advancement’ Training, On the Job Training (OJT), Apprenticeship, and Train the Mentor.
  • NJMEP is part of the NIST-MEP National Network™ which provides a 14.4:1 Return on Investment nationally and 15.3:1 in New Jersey.
  • The National Institute of Standards & Technology’s Hollings Manufacturing Partnership (MEP) works with U.S. manufacturers to help them become more profitable and globally competitive. The MEP network is comprised of 51 individual MEP centers, which span across all fifty U.S. states and Puerto Rico. Each MEP center has programs and services geared towards helping small and mid-sized manufacturers improve efficiencies, boost productivity, embrace innovation and spur job creation.
  • NJMEP clients are submitted for an impact survey conducted by an independent third party to measure customer impact and value. NJMEP has been ranked as the number one MEP Center in the country.
  • Since the year 2000, NJMEP has helped manufacturers realize more than $3.8 billion in value and helped create and retain more than 32,632 jobs

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