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Neutrino Advisory began its journey in 2016 in Jersey City – a tech hub in the making in the state of New Jersey! Jersey City boasts a unique location advantage in its’ proximity to Manhattan. No wonder it’s sometimes referred to as New York City’s Sixth Borough.

Neutrino Advisory began by providing digital advisory and strategy services to a handful of mid-size media and publishing organizations and quickly expanded to offer design, product development and marketing solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Founder and CEO Rahul Agaskar always envisioned a full-service engagement model for the company’s clients. Rahul’s motto: Strategy without execution is useless—Execution without strategy is aimless.

By the beginning of 2019, Neutrino Advisory had expanded globally by opening its’ first international office in Mumbai, India, offering its’ services to the Asia-Pac region. Neutrino Advisory is now a global digital and marketing consulting firm helping a multitude of clients transform their experiences digitally. We strive for excellence in digital advisory and transformation services. Our mission is to be the most trusted partner for brands who are eager to achieve transformative growth.

Our services

At Neutrino, we collaborate with our clients on business transformation and innovation initiatives. Our partnership helps to unlock the potential for transformative growth. We provide end-to-end services and execution excellence to help build a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.

Our capabilities:

We regularly partner with Real Estate firms, Media and Publishing organizations, EdTech and FinTech companies, Private Equity firms, B2B Startups and Non-Profit Organizations. Trust is at the root of everything we do. Building on trust allows us to encourage and prioritize collaboration between our respective teams. Envisioning a path to success together ensures accountability and ownership. Our approach allows us to diligently and consistently deliver successful transformation projects to our clients.

What drives us

The very origin of Neutrino Advisory (& its’ name) is rooted in our Founder’s ideology and belief of creating a model that is lean, flexible and frictionless for our clients to embrace and adopt. As we like to say it: We don’t bring fluff to our engagements. We are a non-bureaucratic, nimble and efficient group of individuals that stand out for our quality of work but fit in seamlessly with our clients’ teams.

We’ve truly established a global footprint that is of indispensable value to our clients’ successes. Led by a team of experts with Consulting and Agency backgrounds, we have created a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Our DNA? “Well, we don’t like inertia. We like to challenge the status quo”, adds Rahul. “We are eager to learn new things. We like to take calculated risks as an organization. We adapt to changes quickly. We are constantly evolving as a firm and moving forward. We always bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to our clients and channel partners.”

Rahul Agaskar Founder

Meet the founder

Rahul Agaskar started Neutrino Advisory in 2016, although the idea of creating something unique had been brewing since 2014. Rahul brings 19+ years of Marketing, Advertising, Finance and Technology experience to Neutrino Advisory. As a champion of innovation and creativity, Rahul focuses on the long-term business goals of our clients and partners to bring their visions to reality. His prior experience working with global agencies such as Digitas and Huge, as well as managing Fortune 100 clients on a regular basis has brought invaluable insights to the foundation of Neutrino Advisory and its’ growth.

Rahul brings the focus on key business drivers, value propositions and strategic outcomes for the enterprise. He leverages his extensive experience in developing business growth strategies to create value for customers.

Rahul has a track record of growing businesses using innovative solutions and with a keen eye on the end consumer. He has successfully completed four mergers and acquisitions transactions in the past and created long-term value for stakeholders, employees and customers.

With experience in the Marketing & Advertising industries across digital and traditional media, Rahul often writes on various Marketing and Media publication, including MarketingProfs, ClickZ and MarTech Advisor.

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