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Neuro20 Technologies founder developed the FITR System to recover from injuries sustained during his service to our country and wants to offer all people struggling to reach their fitness and health goals, either from injury, lack of time, or lack of data, a more efficient technology to achieve a more “FITR” life.

The Functional Impulse Training and Rehabilitation System (FITR) is the evolution of wellness for the 21st century. The FITR System reinvents the way in which electro muscle stimulation is applied to the fitness, defense and medical industries. FITR combines our optimal wearable textile (“Smart Suit”) with our advanced performance software to move wearable technology beyond progress monitoring, to a smart wearable technology platform that actually delivers the resistance training and fatigue resistance of muscles either isolated or full body, individually, or up to 10 clients at a time. Our “Smart Suit” is machine washable and hygienic, wireless, and offers free range of movement to support any method of training in any training environment. FITR is the most efficient training platform on the market, as 2 X 20 minutes sessions will yield equivalent results as 4-6 hours of traditional training according to recent university findings. The FITR system provides clients and trainers the freedom to individualize technology in order to elevate their personal health goals.

CEO and Founder, Dennis M. Schmitt, served his country in the US Marine Corps 2nd Force Recon, separated with 50% disability. He continued his service for 10 years as a government contractor providing high threat personal protection for multiple government agencies in which he suffered another serious injury. Unable to be an operator, DJ started his life as a serial entrepreneur. He successfully built a Defense Contracting company in Afghanistan and upon a successful exit, founded multiple profitable businesses in the United States. His pain from the injuries worsened and
limited his ability to live a normal functional lifestyle. He slept on the floor due to pain, was unable to run and play with his son, and was unable to exercise, all of which caused weight gain and depression. Refusing to use opioids he embarked on a journey to find a healthier approach to life. He moved to Europe, where he discovered the benefits of EMS training and began his road back to a normal lifestyle. However, he noticed serious limitations to the utilization of the technology in Europe and recognized US market solutions for industry sectors that EMS competitors just did not see. Activating his network of leaders and using his engineering experience, he designed the FITR System and founded Neuro20 Technologies. He surrounded himself with experts in multiple fields to support entry into the defined verticals, and the rest is history in the making. Neuro20 Technologies is now positioned to become a disruptive force for good and the reconceptualization of wellness for the 21st century.

Our team is a collection of thought leaders whose innovative mindset drives our research and development and identifies solutions for specific problems to support our large market verticals: fitness, defense and medical.

Tampa is part of the High-Tech Corridor and the ideal location to capitalize on our three market verticals. Fitness is a concern to almost everyone, as the weather makes Tampa an outdoors city. Central Command, Special Operations Command and MacDill Air Force Base have made Tampa a Defense Industry hub. Our partnership with USF and their commitment to support companies focused on using technology to do good while cultivating the thought leaders of tomorrow gives us access to those future leaders today. Lastly, the presence of James A. Haley VA Hospital, a world class spinal rehabilitation center, combined with the rapid growth of the Life Sciences and Manufacturing Industries within “The Corridor” makes Tampa the ideal location to headquarter a company with the belief that technological growth is revenue growth.

After unveiling our product in February 2020 at the Synapse conference, our plans quickly changed as the pandemic swept the nation and refocused all life science companies towards unparalleled collaboration. We were a new small player with limited resources and hoped to utilize the momentum from Synapse 2020 as a catalyst for our growth, however shifting economic conditions and the moral need to help demanded us to shift our efforts. From March 2020 through February 2021 we strictly volunteered to secure PPE, connect air filtration companies with clients and organize their brand materials, secure BSL 3 lab space for a company needing to conduct preventative testing, and link our distributors with thermal spectrum imaging companies. Our founder team did this important work as we strengthened our supply chain, added an executive team, improved our product and sales channels, opened an office, learned through incubators, and managed a capital raise. Although 2020 was a
difficult and tragic year for all too many and the majority of start-ups may not have survived this crisis, we now turn the corner and see light at the end of the all too dark tunnel. We are both humble and proud that historical trends favor young companies who emerge from periods of crisis stronger than before. The most valuable companies of the next decade will be those that did not just look forward to a better tomorrow, but held true to the ideal that principled responsibility with leadership creates our envisioned future into being. We are proud to be Neuro20 Technologies, taking our place in the Tampa Bay technology eco system and beyond.

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