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NEST Global Solutions is the owner of proprietary AI/ML software “DocBloxs” that provides Document Digitization & Workflow Automation solutions to achieve the highest level of Chain of Custody & Asset Protection in several industries. These include Financial Services, Legal, Real Estate, and Healthcare among others. NEST utilizes next-generation technologies to reduce liability and risk for businesses facing increasing challenges such as Audit/Compliance, Intellectual Property Protection and Transfer, Data Protection Needs, Preventing Invoicing Fraud, Tracking Work Performance, and Broken Chain of Custody.a

Photo of Mike Stovsky, Peter Cimoroni, Lisa Marks-Canty, and Karl Schlegel. Lisa and Karl are with NEST, Mike and Peter are in their own businesses, but are close strategic partners. All four were on a Panel at Blockland Cleveland

Our Leadership & Approach

NEST’s ability to lead in the face of uncertainty and commitment to intentional disruptive innovation has attracted unique partnerships and opportunities. This enables NEST to help clients transition from a world of data as a historical record to instantaneous real-time transformation. Our carefully crafted approach, and positioning of the IP I personally developed, accounts for a world where the data that defines reality moves from physical form (documents) to digital and beyond.

Our team’s foresight to include quantum materials as part of the data feedback loop and evolution of sensors in a 5G world has positioned us to go further than many companies that are currently considered as market leaders. With our leadership and the experience of our team, we have the ability to position our products and service model utilizing a top down and bottom up approach.

NEST Market Acquisition Strategy for RPA and Distributed Ledger

NEST’s market acquisition strategy is designed to drive sales, strategy, and partnerships. Following are a few of the ways that our Team bridges the gap between technology teams and clients with real-world challenges.

This effort has led to NEST being put on an accelerated trajectory to acquire market share, establish thought leadership, and lead companies through a rapidly evolving landscape of “creative destruction” — a reference to economist Joseph Schumpeter’s phrase for understanding how technology creates and takes away opportunities and redefines occupations.

Our market acquisition strategy is anchored in vision-based leadership. Rather than merely asking a prospective client about what the client thinks is needed, NEST questions, evaluates, and makes recommendations leading the prospective client on a journey of illumination that results in the clarity necessary to scope out and present a compelling solution.

True transformation is onlyattainable for a client when NEST or another company takes the time to map out and understand cultural and organizational nuances. Without this step, the likelihood increases exponentially that any technology solution delivered will result in mismanaged expectations and possibly even a failed implementation.


NEST recognizes that any solution delivered needs to have a certain inherent flexibility in order to adapt to a shifting future. This is why NEST has built a core set of 5 key products that can fit together modularly but do not obstruct a client’s ability to work with products or services from leaders such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft to which they have already invested. Around these 5 key products is an ever-watchful AI-enhanced RPA layer seeking out anomalies to ensure that workflows function as intended and data integrity is maintained.

Throughout the 5 products and the RPA layer, is security intelligence providing a safe haven for multi-nationals and enterprises sensitive to GDPR, CCPA, and data privacy requirements. Embedded inside these modules lie the capabilities to extract data from physical documents or unstructured environments, classify such data, transform and run data through workflow engines aided by deep learning and other AI algorithms, securely transfer and distribute to storage.

And, maintain accountability and chain of custody, while gaining insight for next best action recommendations (factoring in outside information in addition to internal analytics) from the automated workflows and processes. In addition, we include the ability to interface with any data source including organically and inorganically derived item level tracking alternatives such as quantum dots. This informs the data feed, enabling client organizations to go boldly into a data transformed, 5G, space-faring world.


NEST ENABLE: Services Model for Product Based Company

Our products, which at their core, consist of automated AI, require implementation, customization, and support. NEST ENABLE comprises our consulting driven service models and the SLAs being created for our products. Given that Business Process Engineering, Data Aggregation, Deep Learning, and Document / Transaction Management are pillars of our technology, enterprises have an ability to innovate with us.

The Digital Transformation framework is a Cognitive Framework which allows for an enterprise to create their custom solution utilizing what we call “Lego Blocks.” For example, we used NEST Capture (OCR/AI/ML), NESTWF (Workflow automation/classification) for the BNY POC whereby our technology was validated and beat out competitors such as Kofax and Automation Anywhere.

Our technology solution for complete transformation utilizes all components of our DT Framework- NEST Capture, NESTWF, NESTDBloxs, NESTinsights and NESTeVault. By design, we have built each of the individual components into products which stand can alone and are scalable driving revenue for the company. Everything that we do is anchored by Business Process Engineering and our team include Six-Sigma trained experts who can provide business process optimization around our products.

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