Nerdhub Kenya was started as a platform to give talented Kenyan youth an opportunity to grow. Kenya is an underdeveloped country where youth really struggle to follow their dreams. We are giving the youth the opportunity to be the next pop star, Esports champion, Comic artist, Dancer etc. We are what we wish was around when we were younger.

Nerdhub Kenya was founded by Jameel Sayed and Usama Welton who both are hardcore gamers that would always see Kenyan talent go to waste and would always wonder why the local brands would always overlook the talent.

Nerdhub Kenya’s origin story: Usama Welton, Ex Call of duty semi pro, started his Esports career back in 2018 and after seeing no opportunity in Kenya for him he proceeded to join different European teams as a free agent until he was signed by Digital Bandits Esports team and competed for a year climbing the challenger ladders. After gaining lots of experience in the esports scene, he opened the TEx Esports team with the intention of giving local pros the opportunity to earn money through Esports. After a few months he approached several Esports brands that had been around for years and proposed Esports development ideas but was unfortunately ignored or asked “What’s in it for us?”. Frustrated he proceeded on regardless and kept building the team which ended up having 7 rosters for various titles such as: Valorant, League of Legends, Rainbow 6, Rocket league etc. Recently TEx Esports expanded into the EU competitive scene with a Rocket league and Valorant roster.

In 2021 Jameel Sayed contacted Usama Welton who is a long time friend and began discussing the idea of opening Kenya’s first Esports centre that will provide a platform for young talent to prosper especially in the Esports sector. They found that local brands that had been around for years but would only have one off events. After speaking with local athletes the complaint was always the same. “The brands are only interested in profit”. Which was a shame. Due to covid-19 the development of the Esports centre was delayed by a 2 months but fortunately were able to build it.

Nerdhub Kenya is redefining what Kenyan Esports is and making history by finally opening doors of opportunity to the youth. The centre works on a membership basis whereby a person a pays a monthly fee of $36 which gives them access to all the facilities, events, tournaments and leagues in any of the categories with no extra payment. Top performers in Esports events get signed by the organization and will be given salaries and sponsored to compete around the world. Top performers of the arts, dance, music, script writing and comic artists will have their projects funded and we will help them (with help from local publishing companies) to produce their first album, comic, music video which will set them up for a bright future. When it comes to innovation we believe we are making history when it comes to history because the country has trend of one off tournaments for $300 every 2-3 months and the players never progress in their Esport careers. As said before, Nerdhub is changing the trend and will give the members the opportunity to further passions and go full time into what they love. When it comes to innovation, Nerd Hub is leading the pack!

Esports is a global market that is made of major countries like the United States, Sweden, United Kingdom, Korea, etc. Unfortunately, Africa gets overlooked a lot except South Africa which is really developed in the Africa Esports Industry. Nerdhub Kenya wants to put Kenya on the global Esports map.

The first milestone as of 2021 is to send Kenya’s first athletes to compete in an international Esports event. We also aim to gain 1000 members by the end of 2021 and be the place where African talent can grow and prosper into something big giving the youth the opportunity, we wish we had!

Why stop there? The NerdHub organization aims to go global, opening branches all over the world to support hidden talent that gets overlooked. As they say, GO BIG OR GO HOME!


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