> Neoware Inc.-A Software Development Firm Specializing In Spatial Computing And Distributed Ledger Technology

Small businesses, old and new are struggling to compete in today’s rapidly evolving landscape of technology. Disenchanted consumers are fleeing traditional brick and mortar consumption for online convenience. Neoware’s products and services emphasize community and business growth by building a bridge from the digital to the physical world

Neoware is a software development firm specializing in Spatial Computing and Distributed Ledger Technology. Neoware creates white-labeled applications and unique protocols that enhance business practices with emerging technology. Augmented reality (AR) brings digital objects into the physical world, drastically increasing engagement and interaction. While augmented reality provides engagement and interaction, products such as NeoTrust leverage blockchain technology for creating trusted consumer experiences. Neoware develops experiential consumption, acting as the consumer’s link between online and retail.
Neoware operates inside of a collaborative environment (Neoware Studios), a tech-focused co-working facility that serves as the adoption catalyst for Neoware’s software development, as well as a turnkey solution for scaling businesses. Strategically placed inside of a struggling retail center (The Oviedo Mall, Oviedo, Florida), Neoware’s collective business plan is framed around adding value to the real estate owner’s property, neighboring business’ success, local entrepreneurs’ resources, and the surrounding community’s overall growth.

Neighboring retailers benefit from the addition of interactive technology and enhanced loyalty rewards programs. Members of Neoware Studios rapidly scale by utilizing Neoware’s resources and technology. The surrounding community becomes entangled and invested in a new approach to the consumer experience. Contracted development work is coupled with a SaaS coworking membership model to create an ecosystem of community revitalization that is built by Neoware’s products and services
Upon proving the model successful, the effects of Neoware Studios become a plug-and-play solution for reconnecting consumers with retail experiences and the development of small businesses. Retail owners are facing rapidly growing vacancy rates, rising demands for engaging experiences, and the consumer pressure for transparency and trust. Neoware provides turnkey solutions for retail owners, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and their surrounding community – a replicable business model aimed at redefining the retail experience.

Neoware Inc.

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