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Technology is changing rapidly these days. What was once considered relevant is now long forgotten, and cutting-edge tends to become yesterday’s news. How to afford and best leverage the latest technology to advance and grow is not always a simple question to answer for most small to mid-sized businesses in Canada.

Yet the core underpinnings of it in modern business, such as optimization, management, and security—still remain a pressing need of most organizations striving to thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Electronics and Technology has always been a passion for Jim Stackhouse. After a brief time in the AirForce as an Aviation Electronics Technician, Jim pursued his love for IT at Algonquin College. In April 2000, Jim decided to start NeoLore Networks Inc., a superior service-based IT company.

Since then, he has successfully consulted for the Federal Government several times, helped Orange County Choppers (American Choppers TV Show) move from US-based e-commerce to worldwide, and provided top-notch RFP and Consulting services for the federal government, nonprofits, and the private sector.

Over the last 20 years, NeoLore has consulted, architected, and built hundreds of networks in the Ottawa area. During that time Jim also went back to Algonquin College to teach the next generation of technicians for a short period of time. Today, NeoLore is a very fast-growing IT Managed Service Provider with offerings in Private Cloud Hosting and Cyber Security.

NeoLore Networks Inc. is a Canadian company that helps small to mid-sized businesses realize increased profits, reduced risk and encourage “peace of mind” for IT Infrastructures. NeoLore is 100% locally owned with local staff.

By unleashing the power of innovative technologies, NeoLore closely aligning to your corporate strategy and business goals. Our team of experts ensure that your information technology investments give you the positive, secure outcome you need and deserve. Don’t settle for anything less that great service.

We live and respect our values every day:

  • Outstanding customer experience
  • Exceptionally motivated and enthusiastic staff
  • Dedication to consistency and attention to detail
  • Early adopters—we are leaders not followers
  • Integrity and transparency in all facets of our business Continuous improvement

Success Backed Up By Numbers

  • NeoLore’s client retention is 98% every year
  • The client satisfaction rate is around 97-98%—as shown by the past 100 surveys (this ensures we are constantly providing the best support) with a 3-year average of 97.84%
  • At just under 10 minutes, our average time to resolve issues is among the best in the industry
  • We have been going strong in the industry for 20 years
  • We are proud of our amazing team of 28 IT professionals. We participate in team events like axe-throwing competitions, go-karting, breakfast club, escape rooms, poker, etc.
  • Because of our people-centric attitude, we have seen fantastic growth in staffing numbers by 44% in 2019
  • We truly love our clients. We invite them multiple times a year to movie premieres as a sign of our appreciation


With the onset of mobility, big data, and the Cloud, the modern requirements for IT managed services in the country are compounding at a rapid rate. The achievement of mission-critical business goals has become heavily dependent on the performance of IT infrastructure.

Whether your organization has tales of substantial downtime brought on by network or computer issues, or you don’t like how much your business is paying to keep your IT up and running, consultants at NeoLore Networks Inc. are here to produce unmatched results.

Imagine what it is like to instantly have an excellent and professional IT team working closely for you at predictable and reasonable costs. That is exactly what you get with NeoLore Networks Inc.

Everything NeoLore does challenges the traditional way most companies feel about IT support and the way providers deliver it. This is what sets us apart from others because we believe companies should not settle for mediocre support in long-term contracts.

These contracts also lack the flexibility that most modern businesses need so we deliver service agreements that stabilize, secure, and improve our clients’ environment.If you’re tired of poor or slow support and are looking for innovative, secure, and efficient help at affordable prices, reach out to us today.

NeoLore Networks Inc.

[email protected]
2781 Lancaster Road Suite 302 Ottawa, ON K1B 1A7

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