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Nensey & Associates when starting a business, the details matter. What you devote your time to – matters. And in the business world, the less time you spend on compliance, the more time you will waste later on to rectify oversights at the start.

Nensey & Associates - What You Devote Your Time To Matters

Taking away valuable time you could’ve spent on the core products and services that make your business successful. At Nensey & Associates CPAs, our policy is simple – we take care of the legal and financial details so that you don’t have to. Our priority is to give you all the information you need to help you make the best business decisions – which is not something all CPA firms do. Indeed, many CPA firms place a focus on merely reporting the financial statements and filing a tax return every year – and stopping there. Our policy is that this isn’t enough. As CPAs, we can give you more information. We ask the hard questions. Is a product or service profitable? Is it something that isn’t profitable, but attracts customers to other, more profitable products? Is your business doing the right things to make it grow? Our approach is that rather than just CPAs, we are financial consultants, and it is our responsibility to partner with you on solutions that build your business beyond simple tax reporting considerations. In addition to our regular financial, tax, and consulting services, we also offer fully digital solutions for consultations and conference calls, including Zoom, Skype, and of course traditional email and phone calls. In our modern digital age, we place a priority on being able to do business any place, any time. Our staff has conducted appointments digitally for clients nationwide, a service that we look forward to offering to you. With the availability of technology, the office is no longer just a physical location – it’s wherever you are. Along with our regular services, we also offer research and tax planning, which is something, not every CPA offers. In fact, our Managing Partner, Zain Nensey, CPA is a published author of IRS continuing education material and can work with you to find value-added tax solutions whenever necessary. We look forward to working with you in the future! Thank you for considering us for your financial advisory needs!

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