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Bringing Digital Analytics To The Executive Boardroom

Enterprises are investing in marketing and analytics technology at a rate never before seen in the industry, but many top executives are still grappling with how to drive business value from digital data they’re collecting. According to a 2019 Boston Consulting Group report commissioned by Google, only 2% of large enterprises are successfully executing and achieving business outcomes from dynamic digital marketing programs – ones that leverage machine learning, automation, and personalization across multiple channels and touch points.


Executives cite infrastructure costs, a lack of trust in the digital data they collect, decentralization of digital data across multiple siloed departments, a shortage of specialized talent, and lack of internal capabilities to report on performance and capitalize on insights as key challenges. Napkyn Analytics is a leading analytics consultancy based in Ottawa that partners with marketing and IT executives at global enterprises to help them overcome these challenges.

As one of Google’s top partners for digital analytics, Napkyn has carved out a name for itself as a Fastest Growing Company in Canada for three consecutive years. Napkyn has been at the forefront of its industry for over a decade, and the company plans to stay there. As the industry matures, Napkyn is moving with it, innovating ahead of the curve to continue to be a key contributor to boardroom decisions.

"I see a significant difference in our attitude towards analytics and huge value in establishing this baseline of trust in the accuracy of the data and insights: no more caveats to key questions.”

- Executive Sponsor, Online Investment Firm

Here’s what Napkyn’s executives recommend to every enterprise looking to succeed with digital analytics:

Jim Cain, Founder & CEO
“Data has to stop being the ‘waste product’ of business activity and start being a high value output. Especially for Marketers and Salespeople, the data that they create should be owned, managed and properly used. By taking an ethical approach to consent, collection, ownership and use of data, businesses can make sure they are future-proofing their capabilities against changes in legislation, technology and methodology.”

Jen Batley, President
“Get excited not just about the potential for digital analytics to transform your business; but for the opportunity to apply a multiplier to that power. Digital has proven its worth, and what ten years ago were experimental teams or arms-length business units are now integrated with or even becoming drivers of entire enterprises. As siloes break down and marketing and IT con-verge, lessons from digital are increasingly being applied across not just marketing but all business analytics. Engage with key stakeholders within your company and reach out to your agency network. Collaborate with an eye to leveraging all sources of data to drive better decisions and business results.”

Nick Bennett, Chief Technologist
“When it comes to driving value from new technology, many enterprises are hyper-focused on arriving at a particular destination – like personalization or predictive analytics. What they fail to realize is that the journey is just
as important, and properly is always superior to good enough. By taking the time to deploy reliable and trustworthy data foundations, companies position themselves to win. The journey toward their end goals becomes rich with opportunities for near-term successes and helps teach their leaders how to leverage the advanced capabilities they desire once they achieve them.”

"Your team stood out on understanding the business requirements, asking the right questions, and educating internal stakeholders on analytics capabilities.”

- Executive Sponsor, North American Bank

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