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NanosTech, born from the innovative crucible of the University of Calgary, exemplifies the transformative potential of ground-breaking catalytic research. In 2021, it found a new home under the umbrella of Vorsana Environmental Inc., further cementing its position as a catalyst for change within the nanocatalyst and catalyst technologies landscape.

NanosTech is a visionary force propelling us toward a sustainable energy future. With a storied foundation grounded in 40 years of catalytic research , it has redefined the paradigm of energy production by introducing simpler and more energy-efficient processes, promising sustainable, secure, and affordable energy.

A Team of Innovators
Central to NanosTech’s achievements stands an exceptional integrated team of scientists and engineers with extensive international industry experience and a proven track record. Together, they amass over 150 combined years of expertise in catalytic processes, heavy oil upgrading, and engineering, making them indispensable architects of NanosTech’s journey and its developed trailblazing solutions.

Catalytic Prowess for a Sustainable Tomorrow
NanosTech’s catalytic solutions, meticulously manufactured in-house, serve as the cornerstone of their mission and strongly differentiate them as industry leaders. These catalysts signify a new era of possibility by seamlessly integrating with existing energy operations to create cleaner, more sustainable fuels. NanosTech’s unwavering commitment to agility, innovation, and environmental stewardship sets it apart.

Advancing the Energy Transition with Responsibility
NanosTech’s transformative trio of innovative technologies — Catalytic In Situ Upgrading Technology (ISUT), Aquaprocessing (AQP), and Low Emissions Steam Reforming (LESR) — represents a powerful force reshaping the energy landscape.

  • ISUT is at the forefront, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing profit margins per barrel for heavy oil producers. It revolutionizes oil recovery, production volumes, and quality, eliminating the need for costly diluent and reducing transportation expenses, attracting investment, and promoting economic diversification.
  • AQP, on the other hand, is a game-changer in partially upgrading challenging heavy oils, both fossil and biocrudes. This innovative solution elevates heavy oil value and marketability while reducing carbon intensity and promoting sustainability, aligned with global eco-conscious practices.
  • LESR plays a pivotal role by using 30% less energy to produce hydrogen, offering cost efficiency, emissions reduction, and versatility in handling light naphtha and refinery gas/natural gas blends.

These innovations demonstrate NanosTech’s unwavering commitment to reshaping the energy landscape, driving economic growth, and fostering environmental stewardship to pursue a more sustainable energy future.

A Vision for Alberta’s Future
NanosTech’s catalytic innovations are laying the foundation for a prosperous future in Alberta and beyond. Their ground-breaking technologies are anticipated to generate substantial economic benefits enhance oil recovery, production volumes, and quality while creating numerous job opportunities. For instance, they revolutionize oil recovery, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating the need for costly diluents, all while attracting investment and promoting economic diversification. These technologies address current emissions challenges and contribute to Alberta’s sustainable future and Canada’s NetZero 2050 goals.

A Global Perspective
NanosTech shapes a more responsible world while enriching the global energy ecosystem. They significantly contribute to global energy security and environmental responsibility by disseminating their ground-breaking technologies worldwide. These innovative solutions, designed to elevate heavy oil value and align with global sustainability standards, bolster Alberta’s economy and propel the province into a leading position on the global production stage. They position Canada as a pioneering force in catalytic innovation and manufacturing, further enhancing the nation’s standing on the global stage.

Catalyst for the Future
NanosTech’s approach to catalyst production is anything but conventional. They have mastered the art of crafting highly tailored catalysts and nanocatalysts that set them apart from the crowd. What makes this even more remarkable is their unwavering commitment to continuous advancement. NanosTech propels the boundaries of nanocatalyst science with each breakthrough, ensuring that their solutions remain at the forefront of innovation. This unrelenting pursuit of excellence and their dedication to pushing the limits of what’s possible demonstrate NanosTech’s commitment to pioneering a brighter, cleaner future.

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