Nanophyll-Our Coatings Are Environmentally Friendly, Simple To Apply And Scalable For Industrial Adoption




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Founded in 2015, Nanophyll is headquartered in Montreal, QC, with laboratories and production in Hamilton, Ontario. Nanophyll has developed and is marketing hydrophobic anti-stick nanocoatings that prevent fouling, corrosion and ice buildup. Treated materials have easy-clean, anti-graffiti and anti-microbial properties. Our coatings are environmentally friendly, simple to apply and scalable for industrial adoption.




Nanophyll is exclusive in having developed an innovative technology platform of functionalized nanoparticles that bring everyday paint and coatings Into the cutting edge of chemistry and nanotechnology.

Due to the concentration of universities and research centers, Montreal has been the ideal proving ground for our growth and expansion across international markets.

Nanophyll continuously drives innovation by leveraging client responses to our relentless questioning of their processes, costs, and risks with a goal of ‘how can this be done better?’ Through this friendly inquisition; market and technology gaps have been identified and capitalized on.

Through our numerous patent applications, foreign companies and institutions have approached Nanophyll. These contacts have led to many successful projects and customer adoption in our targeted markets. Besides media recognition, Nanophyll was awarded ‘Most Innovative Product’ by the Toronto Construction Association at their annual luncheon in November 2018.

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