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Nala is a skin care company best known for their free-from TM deodorants. They’re on a mission to create safe, efficacious, and beautiful skin care products that are free-from any known carcinogens and harsh chemicals. All Nala products are made with safe and organic ingredients derived by green technologies such as supercritical fluid extraction by carbon dioxide.

Nala is the first and only company offering deodorants that consumers can customize based on scent and strength. By acknowledging that our needs are not the same one person to the next, and that our individual needs continue to evolve, they are able to help individuals find a natural deodorant fit for their lifestyle so that they can feel confident and comfortable.

Strengths range from gentle baking-soda free formulas to Extra Strength and are paired with complex and sophisticated scents.

Their products have been recognized for their superior quality multiple times but also for packaging, design, and messaging taking home awards by establishments such as NewBeauty Magazine, Made in Vancouver Awards, and the Indie Beauty Expo.

Nala is born out of great love and great loss by mother daughter duo, Radmila Juristovski-Bosnic and Ada Juristovski Jemc when they experienced the loss of Alan, husband, father, and mentor, to lung cancer.

They knew they wanted to end the suffering that comes from losing loved ones too soon and channelled their grief towards keeping Alan’s spirit alive. Nala is Alan spelt backwards, a powerful dedication to his energy and love.

Using Free-From to Raise the standards of “Clean Beauty”

There’s a growing awareness in consumers backed by scientific evidence that the chemicals found in many of our daily products can be harmful to our health.

This awareness in turn is driving demand towards cleaner alternatives. The challenge becomes that in a market growing faster than regulations can keep up, terms such as “clean” or “natural” can lead to exaggerated and ambiguous applications in how products are being marketed to us.

Free-From was born out of a necessity for transparency and elevated standards in clean and natural beauty. Nala bans over 800 ingredients which may be potentially carcinogenic, adhering to California Proposition 65 and holding themselves accountable to standards higher than mandated by regulatory bodies.

Nala products will always be free from carcinogens, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and of course, cruelty. Every ingredient in Nala’s products are deliberately chosen for their properties and benefits and are designed to allow the body to self regulate its natural sweating cycle while
preventing health issues.

Beyond the literal, free-from serves as a reminder that there is also freedom in what we choose to live without. Through their messaging and social presence they challenge the confinements of static beauty standards, asking us how we can cultivate lives free-from shame, free from limitations, and free-from the pressure to conform to someone else’s idea of beauty and health.

The future is personal.

With Nala’s origins being rooted in healthcare, they believe that skincare, like medicine, needs to be personalized to the individual to have a significant and lasting impact. In a world of increasing personalization, we’ve been neglecting one of the most personal parts of the body – our armpits. And yet the armpit is at the heart of many personal phenomena – our unique scent, the decision to shave or not shave, and how much we sweat.

By leveraging Mila’s background in biotechnology and Ada’s background in tech, the duo knew they wanted to educate and work directly with consumers to help them find products that work for their lifestyle. As a digitally-born brand, their direct line of communication with customers combined with their passion for helping people convert to safer alternatives creates an experience of unparalleled service.

They are planning on expanding their product pipeline to include safer alternatives to other skincare staples as well as a couple of exciting new additions.

The Pursuit of Performance, Innovation, and Life-Long Learning

Nala celebrates untraditonal, non conforming, free-spirited people and ideas. They challenge the status quo both in terms of what we can come to expect of truly natural products and also in how we show up for ourselves and others.

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