Born and designed in Gaborone, Botswana Nako Timepieces are merging innovation and luxury watchmaking that is proudly rooted in Botswana.

An embodiment of Afrocentrism, Tswana origins, selfdiscovery, character and endurance. Having stepped over the line of classic iconic style and into the realm of simplicity — Nako Timepieces identifies itself with minimalistic and modern designs, with a touch of subtle yet vibrant sophistication, and effortlessly merging Botswana’s heritage with modern horology.

Heritage + Horology
Brand Nako bears Botswana’s heritage on a wrist and is founded on the belief that state-of-the-art watchmaking innovation can be synonymous with the cultural and historical significance of Botswana, where time bridges the old and new.

The Nako Timepieces Three Dikgosi Edition Timepieces: The ‘Classics’ and the ‘Slimlines’ The Classic: designed the timepiece to be bold, sleek, and classic with a touch of timeless elegance. The Slimline was designed for affordability and durability. The heart and brains of our timepieces utilize the Miyota/Citizen LTD quartz watch movements: a Japanese made quartz movements made to fit Citizen, Bulova, Wittnauer, and Invicta, watches. The Slimline BWP 1,500.00 for women | BWP 1,700.00 for men. The Classics: BWP 2,700.00 for men | BWP 2,200.00 for Women, Lay By Accepted. Please call/WhatsApp +267 7508 9673 to buy — we will deliver it to your doorstep

To merge Botswana’s heritage with modern horology — with an avid focus on design-driven innovation and its significance on (i) business performance, (ii) industrial development and (iii) global competitiveness. Our adoption of Design Innovation at the heart of business culture and management is linked to many global business success stories such as Apple, Burberry, Dyson, Google and Sony. As both a framework and an artefact design innovation contributes enormous strategies, services, systems and products to gain competitive advantage. This notion was confirmed by the former chair of IBM, Thomas Watson’s that, “Good design is good business” (Blaich, 1988). Our approach, via design innovation, is to highlight that to increase Botswana’s global competitiveness and to develop her product and service industries through the support of SMEs; design innovation stands as an alternative strategy.

To promote Botswana’s heritage through storytelling — and to build capacity into her innovative, ingenious and creative potential by enhancing the quality parameters of her products and services, and to promote authentic product design inspired by the country’s cultural heritage and indigenous knowledge. To foster engagement and government-led participatory activities in creating awareness and building understanding of design innovation as a prospect of business growth and higher value jobs that can transform the economy across Botswana.

Our Design Innovation process; applied research, strategy, ideation, conceptualization, rapid prototyping and optimization for manufacturing is performed in Botswana and manufacturing in Switzerland. As such, our products are 100% designed in Botswana and therefore 100% Botswana products. As a common practice in the manufacturing industry — various components pass through different countries during production. For instance, a Land Rover Discovery will receive power steering and fuel injection from Germany, coolant hoses and exhaust manifolds from Hungary, front lighting from France and shock absorbers from Poland. In the same vein, we source our Miyota/Citizen watch movements from Japan and send general assembly (GA) drawings of finished designs and rapid prototypes to Switzerland for mass production.

We envision sourcing raw materials from Botswana, especially leather, glass and diamonds and to bring manufacturing and service labs to Botswana. Our production strategy in Botswana will range from Mass Production, Mass Customization and adoption of various Product Service Systems (PSS).


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